At Young Friends we pride ourselves on the wealth of experiences we offer to promote high levels of health, well-being and responsible citizenship. Our ethos incorporates four principles: environmental awareness, robust physical and emotional health, social aptitude, and creativity. Children’s days incorporate routines that naturally support their understanding of meeting their own needs, communicating and socializing with others, and being responsible for their immediate environment and the planet.

We encompass elements of different influential methods that we feel aligned with. We are inspired by the natural open ended child initiated play research carried out by Froebel and also Reggio Emilia’s belief in the environment as the third teacher. Our environments and methods are inspired by the Montessori directive regarding hands on learning and self-directed play and lastly Steiner, which is heavily influenced by nature and the seasons, just like us.

Our brilliant team are experienced at and dedicated to developing meaningful relationships with every child. They are encouraged to use their individual skills and interests to enrich their working lives and the time the children spend with us. We pride ourselves on providing experiences that children would not necessarily get at home in order to develop and flourish into confident, kind, investigative and well-rounded adults. The atmosphere at Young Friends is warm, comforting, vibrant and genuinely incredibly inspiring.

Independence and confidence is boosted by an array of opportunities that present positive risk and challenge both physically and cognitively. It is scientifically realised that by taking daily positive risks, children start to develop age-appropriate strength, coordination, positive body awareness and the assertiveness and self-confidence they need to participate assuredly in social and other situations. Our setting environments, team and learning methods incorporate age appropriate challenges that ensure all children leave with the bravery they need to succeed, flourish and have fun throughout their lives. This confidence combined with manners and respect is often commented on during visits to Young Friends Nature Nursery.