Our Sustainable Curriculum

Our Sustainable Approach is something that we believe has long since been needed in nursery education. This unique curriculum intelligently threads the EYFS principles and children’s interests through themes that span environmental sustainability. By focusing our attention on solutions regarding energy, climate, water, and biodiversity, we teach children that they can have a huge positive impact on the health and well-being of our planet and the creatures that inhabit it.

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Our Nature Plot

Our Nature Plot is truly special. Our children visit the plot regularly and spend precious time outdoors in a safe but exciting environment. They learn real gardening skills, see wildlife, grow their own food, study bugs, frogs, birds and much more. They go on adventures and do natural activities in and out of our outdoor classroom. The plot is inspiring in all seasons and provides wonderfully calm and uniquely rich learning experiences for everyone.

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Nursery Sustainability

As a setting we are as sustainable as possible and include the children in this as much as possible. We have eradicated plastic almost entirely and our carbon footprint greatly reduced and we are improving all the time. Just some aspects of our sustainability include a family recycling area, glass returnable milk bottles, washable nappies, making or buying used furniture, using mineral sun cream, energy efficient lighting and renewable power.

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SNAP is Louise’s initiative who’s mission it is to persuade, support and encourage other nursery settings to operate in a more sustainable way and teach their children to live sustainable lives. All of us need to act and fast. We provide information for other settings to show them how to put simple changes in place to look after our children’s futures and help them pick up the baton.

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Our Nature Plot

Our Blog

First of many blogs. It’s Nursery World Award Week!

So, excitingly, this weekend is the celebrated Nursery World Awards Ceremony. Nervous? Yup. What to wear, what to wear?!… Some will know we have received a few Nursery World Awards in our time and are enormously proud of them all. Our last one was A little while ago, given, but we’ve had a few other projects to take up our time

Our Team


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Welcome to Young Friends Nature Nursery. Brighton and Hove’s only true Eco-Nature Nursery. Many settings dabble in sustainability, outside play, forest school and nature – but we really do go for it.

 Sustainability intertwines everything we do. We have created our own environmentally aware curriculum and the intense benefits to our children are crystal clear. Talk to any of our preschoolers about biodiversity, gardening, seasons and looking after the planet and its creatures and you’ll be amazed at their knowledge and desire to help save the earth. We are pretty sure one day they will.

 Our work for the environment has been globally and locally recognised through articles, interviews and social media in local and international press. We are Nursery of The Year (Nursery World) finalists this year (2019). We are plastic free and take great care to minimize our carbon footprint and what we add to landfill. Louise, owner/manager/director of Young Friends as started an influential campaign called SNAP (Sustainable Nurseries Against Plastic) which aims to persuade other nurseries to become more sustainable plus educate their children to look after our planet. Please ask us for more information on this important subject.

Our Nature Nursery is a happy settled place full of self-assured adventurous and caring children. This, balanced with a fanatical ‘behind the scenes’ attention to infinite improvement and a considerable helping of an always smiling, brilliant and harmonious staff team, is a (n award) winning recipe.

We are a warm family run nursery. In fact we consider ourselves a family away from home and our families say the same. Interactions and communications with our children and families is warm, welcoming and intelligent.  You will not find a bunch of people so dedicated to children and the planet in one place, we are sure of that. We are incredibly proud of our natural Eco-Friendly nursery. Please read our Facebook reviews and FB and Instagram posts if you need any more persuading. And of course please come and check us out.

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