Natural Resources and Reggio Emilia

We incorporate the Reggio Emilia approach into our open ended environments using inspiring ‘provocations’ which invite children to independently connect their own ideas and choose from loose, intricate resources such as glass jars, pinecones and leaves, cork, shells, wood/bark pieces, oil pastels, etc. promoting natural enquiry and investigation.

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Our entire ethos is built around creating healthy adults in mind and body. We cook up healthy balanced delicious meals daily and our children take part in regular healthy cookery sessions. We offer yoga sessions and have a qualified sports coach who provides structured sessions each day.

We even have a dance studio for movement and gymnastics.

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Sports Sessions

We believe children should learn to love our planet, so ours have a recycling station and learn about saving energy and even biodiversity. We take part in events like ‘Earth Day’ and ‘Switch off Fortnight’. We have taken the ‘Plastic Free Pledge’ and each month we do a beach clean plus Beach School activities to teach about looking after precious ocean life.

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Nature School

Our Nature Plot is probably our most unique feature. The team balance Forest School type activities with learning about nature, recycling, growing composting etc. They have an outdoor classroom/eating area, play den, flower and fruit gardens, bug hotel, vegetable beds and more and our children are encouraged to be hands on with everything.

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Our Nature Plot

Our Team


Welcome to Young Friends Nursery and Nature School. Hove’s first Eco-Nature Nursery. We are a little bit different. Many settings dabble in outside play, forest school and nature – but we really do go for it.

Nature of course is not enough on its own… We take our jobs as educators and carers seriously. After all, it’s a privilege not to be taken lightly. We are consistently excited to be helping to shape our little people’s outlook on life and in turn their futures so its important that we take great care to do it well.

Our Nature School is our most exciting feature and intertwines every day. It comprises of Beach School, our Nature Plot, our exciting garden and environmental education and the benefits to the children are plain to see.

Our work for the environment also makes us stand out from the others. We are plastic free and take great care to minimize our carbon footprint and what we add to landfill. Young Friends is very proud to be spearheading a campaign to persuade other nurseries to to the same. We won’t go into detail but please ask us for more information on this important subject.

We consider ourselves a family away from home and our families often say the same. Interactions and communications with our children and families is warm, welcoming and intelligent.

A relaxed, cosy and fun family environment for the children means the nursery is a happy settled place. This, balanced with fanatical ‘behind the scenes’ attention to infinite improvement and a considerable helping of an always smiling, brilliant (and close) staff team, is a winning recipe.

We are very proud of our natural Eco-Friendly nursery. Please come and check us out.