Nature Based Curriculum

Nature streams through everything we do at Young Friends. From tried and tested Reggio Emilia to feeding wild birds, making compost and patterns in the sand, our children develop with gusto using the infinite possibilities presented by our natural world. Far more beneficial and inspiring than structured closed equipment, our methods create open confident minds who know they can achieve anything…

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Nature Project

Our Nature Project encompasses everything that we do with the children to embed a love of nature and a desire to take care of it. From our unique offsite nature plot to conserving energy and abundant onsite eco-based projects Young Friends children grow up with the knowledge and aspiration that we believe all young people should have to look after the precious world in which we live.

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Ocean Project

The Ocean Project embodies all we do with regards to looking after our oceans and the life that relies on it. The children recycle, go on beach cleans, learn all about ocean flora and fauna and take part in fun educational activities that instill in them a clear awareness of why it is essential and how it is achievable for us all to do our part in helping it flourish… (clicks into Ocean Project page – which I need to add a lot to!)

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Snaps is our initiative at Young Friends. We strongly believe all educational settings owe it to their young pupilage to embed a respect for our planet and to operate as sustainably as possible. So many still use single use and other plastics so we are on a crusade to persuade others to act responsibly follow our lead. All of us need to act and fast. Young Friends provides information for other settings to show them how to put simple changes in place to look after our children’s futures.

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Our Nature Plot

Our Team


Welcome to Young Friends Nursery and Nature School. Hove’s first Eco-Nature Nursery. We are a little bit different. Many settings dabble in outside play, forest school and nature – but we really do go for it.

Nature of course is not enough on its own… We take our jobs as educators and carers seriously. After all, it’s a privilege not to be taken lightly. We are consistently excited to be helping to shape our little people’s outlook on life and in turn their futures so its important that we take great care to do it well.

Our Nature School is our most exciting feature and intertwines every day. It comprises of Beach School, our Nature Plot, our exciting garden and environmental education and the benefits to the children are plain to see.

Our work for the environment also makes us stand out from the others. We are plastic free and take great care to minimize our carbon footprint and what we add to landfill. Young Friends is very proud to be spearheading a campaign to persuade other nurseries to to the same. We won’t go into detail but please ask us for more information on this important subject.

We consider ourselves a family away from home and our families often say the same. Interactions and communications with our children and families is warm, welcoming and intelligent.

A relaxed, cosy and fun family environment for the children means the nursery is a happy settled place. This, balanced with fanatical ‘behind the scenes’ attention to infinite improvement and a considerable helping of an always smiling, brilliant (and close) staff team, is a winning recipe.

We are very proud of our natural Eco-Friendly nursery. Please come and check us out.