The UK’s first sustainable
nursery in Hove.

Welcome to
Young Friends

We offer a sustainable approach to Early Years childcare and education for children 0-5 years in Brighton and Hove.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that your children grow up to be confident, informed and communicative citizens, becoming the next generation who will help to save our planet. Our approach to early years child care ignites a lifelong passion for learning, inspires your child to explore and understand their world, and helps them to grow up fully aware of their role in creating a more sustainable way to live.

Every day at Young Friends is different, and we all have tremendous fun, spending as much time as possible outdoors, learning through genuine child-initiated play as the children follow their creative instincts and interests.

Welcome to
Young Friends

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Learning Environments

Young Friends Kindergarten Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden

With sustainability for our environment, Young Friends Kindergarten involve the children in growing, preparing and composting the plant-based menu that we provide.
Woodland Garden

Woodland garden

At Young Friends Kindergarten, we’re really proud of our private woodland garden. It’s a sanctuary of inspiration, imagination and wellbeing full of wildlife, plants and trees.
Young Friends Nature workshop

Nature workshop

The Young Friends Kindergarten Nature workshop offers the children a place to explore their creativity through art and making things, using real tools made to suit little hands.
Nature Kindergarten

Nature kindergarten

Nature Kindergarten describes the extra ‘Young Friends Twist’ that gets added to everything we do. It might be on the beach, in a forest, in our woodland garden or in the workshop.
Kindergarten pods

Kindergarten pods

Young Friends Kindergarten have two kindergarten pods, one for birth to two year olds and one for two years to school age. Both pods provide spacious play and learning spaces.

Ofsted rating

We’re really proud to have received an Outstanding score in every Ofsted inspection since we opened. We’re the only nursery in the Brighton and Hove area to have achieved this unbroken record.

Our Sustainable ethos

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Young Friends; the changes we can make which will ultimately help us to protect our environment and save our planet, but also sustainability for the little humans who are part of our kindergarten family.

Everything starts with the child. Your child will be supported to follow their interests, learn in an age-appropriate way and develop a lasting love of learning and fascination with their world. They’ll learn to respect themselves, each other and the world around them as they experience what it means to live a sustainable life. Understanding their role as a member of a community will support them throughout their life as they grow up to become a confident citizen.

Learning Approach

Tuning into each child’s needs

When it comes to monitoring your child and assessing their development at Young Friends Kindergarten, it’s a cyclical process.

Risk Benefit

At Young Friends we provide a safe environment and encouragement for your child to push boundaries and explore their environment.


Young Friends Kindergarten is a ‘loose parts’ kindergarten with all the children’s activities based on an educational method called SchemaPlay™.

Characteristics of effective learning

At Young Friends Kindergarten we are highly interested in how your child learns as opposed to what they learn. This individual drive will stay with them for life.

High-quality interactions

Within their family group, our highly trained staff connect with children, interact with them, observe their interests, and link their learning to the exciting activities and experiences that we provide.

Key person system

When your child joins us at Young Friends Kindergarten, you’ll be introduced to your ‘key person’ who will be in your child’s pod and will be your main point of contact all the while your child is with us.

Family groupings

When your child starts at Young Friends Kindergarten, they’ll join one of our ‘family groups’. We have two pods, one for under-twos and one for over-twos.

Family partnerships

Young Friends Kindergarten is here to provide superb care and education for your child, and to do that we need to work alongside you.

Our Awards

The standard of our kindergarten care has been nationally recognised, and we’re proud of our
growing collection of awards.

What families say

“My grandson absolutely loves his nursery. They encourage him to have a go and experience different skills . His outdoor learning offers him a great deal of challenge as his love of nature and appreciation and respect for nature is shining through . He thrives in a nurturing environment that supports all areas of learning . A warm welcome with a homely feel in a safe stimulating place makes my grandson so happy to be at nursery so thankyou to all the caring staff.”

Sue Charalambous

Young Friends Kindergarten parent

“A wonderful nature nursery that our little ones really enjoys! We love the beautiful space the children have, the garden that has been arranged so carefully so children can explore and so many outdoor experiences so close that our daughter is able to participate in. And all of this alongside an important ethos where we feel we are doing a bit more for the environment through Young Friends. We’d definitely recommend this lovely nursery.”


Young Friends Kindergarten parent

“Absolutely fantastic nursery. Both our boys did and one still does go there. Wonderful, imaginative, loving carers from all backgrounds, ages and genders. All dedicated to provide the best, colourful and most loving care to the children. We absolutely love their ethos of nurturing, education and sustainability. They teach the kids all about sustainability, fairness and equality. The nursery does have an incredible woodland garden as well as an allotment “garden kitchen” where they grow their own fruit and veggies. Our kids love to eat a healthy variety of food as this is what they learn/know from nursery. All their toys are eco friendly and of best educational value. They do loads of trips to parks, the beach or supermarket. But most importantly they let kids be kids and give them room to bloom. We can not recommend Young friends enough. Oldest went to 2 different nursery before due to moving cities but this is definitely our favourite. Thanks for all your care and love”

Julia Lindert

Young Friends Kindergarten parent

“It’s a wonderful place! Great staff team, professional and 100%focused on the children and their development. Children learn the importance to recycle, respect the environment as well as people and different cultures. Everyday we leave our little daughter knowing that she’ll have an amazing day and will spend good time with amazing staff and wonderful other kids.”


Young Friends Kindergarten parent

“We could not be happier with Young Friends! Our son absolutely loves it there and is always so happy when we collect him, chatting about all the activities he has been up to during the day. We love the fact that they are plastic free and have a real empathise on recycling and sustainability as this is something we do at home as well. All the staff are so warm and friendly and we know our son could not be happier there!”

Martha Mitchell

Young Friends Kindergarten parent

“Young Friends Kindergarten have gone above and beyond to care for our children. We have developed great relationships with the staff; they care for our children deeply and are responsive and professional at all times. The ethos of the nursery shines through and is ubiquitous in day to day life and we see how this impacts on our children’s confidence and interests of nature and sustainability. I am so pleased my children attend this nursery and would recommend them to anyone.”

Emma White

Young Friends Kindergarten parent

Our Stories

We are passionate about the benefits of reusable nappies. Not only are they better for bottoms but they make
At Young Friends we encourage the children to be curious about, respect and acknowledge important days and events happening
Our nursery ethos and curriculum has the Three Pillars of Sustainability at the core. True sustainability happens when social,
During your child’s time at Young Friends, you will hear us talking about your child’s schemas, when discussing their

Young Friends Tribe

The Young Friends Tribe aims to provide inspiration and motivation to other nursery owners and staff, showing them what they CAN do so that they can make small changes, one at a time, which eventually add up to a big change. Everything starts with the child.

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If you think Young Friends Kindergarten looks like the kind of nursery where your child would flourish, we’d love to meet you and show you around our sustainable children’s nursery. Contact us to book a visit or find out more.