Kitchen garden

Here at Young Friends Kindergarten, we believe in living our values to the full.

Involving the children

With sustainability and respect for our environment and every form of life at our core, we involve the children in growing, preparing and composting the plant-based menu that we provide.

Whether indoors or out, being involved in growing means that children develop a greater respect for food alongside their understanding of where it comes from.

Kitchen garden

Zero waste

We don’t use food for play (no pasta pictures here), as it’s important for children to understand the importance of food and to absorb the principle of zero waste as early as possible.

The children also love to eat the fruits of their labour and take pride in what they’ve grown. They take part in planting, weeding, composting, native wildlife and biodiversity, and recycling.

Reusing and recycling

As we collect water from the rain butt and put waste into the compost bin, the children begin to understand the importance of reusing and recycling. They are encouraged to be hands on with everything; from pulling weeds, watering, planting and observing and talking about the local wildlife to cultivating, harvesting and cooking. A complete seed to plate experience.

High Quality Interactions