How we work

At Young Friends Kindergarten, everything begins with the child.

0-5 years is an incredibly important and exciting time in your child’s development. Never again in their life will their brain be busy making so many new connections.

Delivering the curriculum

We take a genuine child-initiated play approach, which nurtures your child’s interests in an autonomous but stage-appropriate way. Your child will learn through first-hand experiences, following their ideas and choosing their own resources and how to use them. Drawing from our wealth of knowledge and experience, we ensure that your child develops the emotional, social and practical connections that they need to become a confident, self-reliant and resilient person, with their own voice.

How we work

Highly trained Staff

Enabling this approach takes training and experience. Every one of our staff team is trained to observe the children, their play, their interests, their needs, and their schemas.

Our staff are very highly qualified, as our approach relies on them being specially trained. We have a high proportion of trained teachers and people trained to a minimum of Level 3. Every member of the team, including the few, carefully chosen, apprentices we have on board, has exactly the mindset, sensitivity, and dedication the Young Friends approach demands.

As of March 2024 we are proud to be a Living Wage employer.

Our approach means that your child enjoys lots of individual attention. We’ll really get to know what interests and excites them, and use that knowledge to help them learn and develop in their own way.

It takes dedication, passion, and commitment, and it’s well worth it when we see the happy, confident and excited children who come through our doors.

Our Management Team

Louise Lloyd-Evans
Founder, Young Friends Kindergarten

Emma Holmes
Manager, Young Friends Kindergarten

Jes Taylor 
Deputy Manager, Young Friends Kindergarten