Session times





Daily Rate (£)





Ad hoc Hours (£)





All fees are charged monthly.

Weekly fees are multiplied by 50 and divided by 12.

Sibling discount = 10%

Five day discount = 5%


Please see our Early Years Funding Entitlement Policy in FAQs.

All 9:00 am to 4:00 pm funded sessions include a fee of £35 per day to enable your children to also access these extras:

  • Nature Kindergarten activities and trips
  • Seed to plate experience
  • Young Friends Allotment (older children only)
  • Nature workshop activities
  • Beach cleans
  • Nursery pets
  • Washable nappies, provision and launder
  • Weleda nappy cream and grapeseed oil for clean-ups
  • Alturist Sunscreen
  • Organic home-grown fruit and vegetables
  • A completely plant based menu
  • Lunches delivered, fresh from The Professional Nursey Kitchen
  • Snacks, puddings and suppers all made from fresh, at the nursery
  • Daily cooking activities
  • Highly qualified staff team
  • 1:6 practitioner to child ratio for over three’s (instead of statutory 1:8)


Longer funded sessions are also available and may include an 8:00 am to 9:00 am breakfast package of £5 per day and/or a 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm supper package of £10 per day.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All fees include free settling-in sessions.
  • The extras above are standard for full fee sessions
  • Fees also include a dedication to sustainability and our valuable ethos which often costs more. (e.g., providing washable nappies is more expensive than disposables)
  • All extra hours on top of regular sessions are £9.50 an hour, and include meals and snacks during that time
  • We have a restricted amount of stand-alone funded spaces which fall into specific sessions either morning or afternoon. These should be enquired about to management on an individual basis. These fully funded places are for children who have been identified as needing support, whether it be developmental, social or emotional.
  • Changing sessions and leaving requires a notice period of one month.
  • Children must not be dropped at the nursery until their booked session time.
  • Consistent lateness cannot be accommodated for reasons of legal ratios and the safe care of all of the children. Therefore, lateness could result in revision of a space in the nursery and a late fee.
  • A minimum of 2 sessions weekly are regulatory to ensure each child gains the most out of being with us.
  • Sessions cannot be swapped

Payment Terms:

  • Your particular methods of payment and any relevant codes must be detailed to Louise on Famly before your first invoice payment
  • All payments must have the reference of your child’s name, not your own
  • Childcare vouchers accepted by electronic transfer only (payments must be clearly referenced with child’s name).
  • Tax Free Childcare payments are welcome. Please ensure you message Louise on Famly with your code for our records
  • You can check your payments on your invoice system on Famly. Please give payments time to show up on here as they may not be recorded immediately.
  • Monthly fees are calculated as a weekly total multiplied by 50 weeks and divided by twelve
  • We hold 2 inset days and are closed for bank holidays and the Christmas period. These are already deducted from your monthly invoice as above so this will not change over these times
  • Inset days are distributed fairly and you will be given 8 weeks’ notice for planning. They are used for training and team building
  • Late payment fee of £25 will be issued on next invoice if payment is made later than the 8th of the month
  • If your child is ill or nursery is forced to close you are still liable for payment for your sessions
  • If you are on holiday, you are still liable for payment for your sessions
  • Postponements of start dates require one months’ notice and will be agreed or otherwise at management discretion
  • Your first month’s invoice will be registration fee plus month ahead pro rata (calculated as a % of the month). Thereafter fees are paid by BACS before the 8th of each month.
  • Extras are added in arrears
  • The refundable deposit is £200. If you need to cancel the place during the first three months prior to the agreed start date, Young Friends Kindergarten will retain the place deposit. Deposits are returned the month after leaving the nursery and after full settlement of final invoice including any extras taken.
  • We provide funding all year round, so 15 hours which is provided for 38 weeks of the year, becomes 11.4, and 30 hours becomes 22.8. We round these up to provide 12 funded hours per week for universal funding and eligible and 23 for extended entitlement. Please see our Early Years Free Entitlement Policy for detailed information.
  • Fees are reviewed and adjusted every Sept.
  • If you have any concerns about your account you should message Louise on Famly.