Establishing a social consciousness

At Young Friends Kindergarten, we encourage your child to see themselves as a member of a community (that includes as a member of the Young Friends family, within their family group, their family at home, their home town, their country, or their global community). This helps your child to establish a social consciousness from an early age, encouraging them to care for others while at the same time developing their own voice and nurturing their own wellbeing.

Your child’s family group will include children of different ages, 0 to 2 years and 2 years to school age. This helps them to develop meaningful relationships with their key people as well as with other children. And being in a group with children of different ages builds their respect and sense of responsibility for children younger and older than themselves – the older children help the younger ones, and they all take responsibility for their environment together. We also mix the two family groups, whenever possible.

From helping to tie shoelaces to cooking for each other, feeding our animals to making bug hotels the children learn what it means to take care of other people and creatures and to be part of a community.

Social Consciousness