Our mission as childcare professionals is to give children the tools and social skillsets that will support their understanding of their worth as individuals and role within a community.

  • POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR – We believe in focusing on positive behaviors, encouraging children to believe in their ability to be mindful of their needs as well as the needs of others. This type of behavior management puts the attention on children’s unique behavioral needs and ensures that even in time of frustration, stress, or upset, their feelings are acknowledged without diminishing their sense of value.
  • AGE-APPROPRIATE – All team are trained in appropriate methods of behavior management dependent upon children’s ages. For instance, our team working with the one year olds understand that distraction is more effective than explanation, while the preschool team support their group in communicating how to make good choices, be mindful of others’ needs and problem-solve through any issues.
  • Persistent behavior – In very rare circumstances when a child’s behavior may be pervasively undesirable i.e. biting, hitting, etc. the team, with families’ permission, may implement strategies such as planned ignoring, behavior tracking reports, personal rewards system and a host of other techniques that deviate from our standard behavior management. While we do not support time-outs, we do offer age appropriate calm down times for children to settle themselves, either with a team member by their side or on their own, using books and/or engaging, yet calming items such as oil timers.
  • RESOURCES – We use a broad range of resources to support positive behavior management including calm down kits, sand timers, rhythmic claps for transitioning between activities etc. We believe children respond best with a balanced and age appropriate mix of both verbal and non-verbal cues and prompts such as images of desirable behaviour i.e. images of children standing in a line nicely for lining up time.
  • TRAINING – All of our staff attend training, either in-house or council-led, and our behavior management representative continuously researches best practice for this aspect of early years care. She feeds back to the team during or monthly staff meetings and inset days and during our regular team supervisions.