We are very proud of living by the sea and we want our children to be too.

As part of our sustainable provision, our children also go to the beach at least twice per month. This is in addition to our Preschool beach cleans. Each session is used as an opportunity to learn about ocean flora and fauna, the tides, safety, the seasons, sunsets, the weather and much more. The educational opportunities are endless and the greatest thing about it is that they never know what they might find or what lessons they might learn. Our enthusiastic and caring team collect things with the children, make collages and displays and talk to them about what they can see, hear and touch. They often learn new things themselves.

Our monthly beach cleans are another aspect of our provision that we are incredibly proud of. In fact we were recently featured on the ITV news on one of our cleans, for the great work our Young Friends children do for the environment. We have also collaborated with Hove Junior School who we now have an Eco-Relationship with. Each month, at low tide (if possible), our pre-schoolers trundle off to the beach to play games and collect litter. Of course each clean is preceded by a risk assessment of the area. This is about teaching our children why we should not be careless with litter and the effects it has on ocean life. They are knowledgeable little things and know exactly why they are down there. If the weather is nice we take their snack and we always talk about what we are doing there. They have their own buckets to collect litter and litter grabbers which they have great fun with. Its a joy to share this with the children and we always impress passers by.