Happy New Year! Jan 2nd – 12th 2018

Happy New Year! Jan 2nd – 12th 2018


Reggio Emilia:

The Gibbons have been experiencing the joys of playdough and making marks using their hands.  They have been exploring natural resources such shells, pinecones etc.


The children have been using spoons and containers to transfer sand to the table and around generally and have been noticing the effect when water is added.

Grubby Babies – Role Play!

What a busy time the Gibbons have been having washing the baby dolls using flannels and water.

More Babies!

As lots of the Gibbons are going to be big brothers and sisters, they have been looking at the ‘Our New Baby’ story bag and talking about the happy event!

Ice Painting:

The Gibbons have had a lovely sensory time painting ice blocks with different colours and then seeing what happens as they melt.



Animal Yoga:

This week the children have been doing some animal yoga.  They have been moving like animals and making animal poses and of course making lots of lovely animally sounds.

Tea and Coffee Mark-making:

The Baboons have been having a sensory time mixing up coffee and tea and using it to make marks. Lots of language development was had from discussing the colours and smells of the tea and coffee.

Friendship Tree:

Please take a look at the beautiful Friendship tree which has gone up in the Baboons room.  The children had lots of fun making painty hand-prints to create the tree.

Self Portraits:

The children have been talking about and looking at the different eye colours and hair colours and sticking the right colours onto a face shape to create their very own self portrait.

Colour Matching:

The Baboons have also been using coloured blocks and paint in a matching activity – dipping the yellow block in the yellow paint, the red block in the red paint and so on.  They then went on to make lovely painty patterns on paper using the different colours.



Alphabet Line:

The Gorilla children have been working on their alphabet skills – putting the letters in the correct order and looking at how each letter is formed.

Handprint Family Tree:

The children made different hand prints for the family tree.  The children talked about their family members and their extended family members.

A Visit to Shoreham Beach:

The children enjoyed their trip to Shoreham Beach where they collected different shaped shells and mermaid purses.  They also found lots of lovely seaweed!

Reggio Emilia:

The children spent time investigating the properties of flour on the Reggio Emilia table.  The children then explored how our emotions are expressed through our facial expressions and illustrated this by mark-making.

Helping Hands on the Library Trip:

Another highlight of the week was a trip to the library to return some books and while they were there, they took the opportunity to have a look at some of the books.  They also helped the librarian to mend some of the broken books



Party Time! Week Beginning 11th December 2017…

Party Time! Week Beginning 11th December 2017…

Jingle Bells!

The Gibbons have been getting very excited about the imminent arrival of the man in the red suit! The room has been a whirl of festive activity.  In the Reggio area, the children have been practising their present wrapping skills using tissue paper and wrapping up everyday objects.  In the small world area, the children have been using the people and the pretend house to role play the song “When Santa got stuck up the Chimney”. They have also been getting all crafty and creative by making Snowman Christmas cards.  The children have been developing their fine motor skills by gluing tissue paper on to Frosty the Snowman cards. The Gibbons also enjoyed their Christmas party – playing games such as hide and seek with bows – and of course the highlight being the receiving their present from Santa. Storytime has also had a Christmassy theme with the children helping to tell stories and the children have been learning Christmas words such as ‘presents’ and ‘Santa’

Ho Ho Ho!

The Gorillas have been making some delicious ginger biscuits and learning all about how ingredients can be combined by pouring and squeezing and then cooked to make a tasty treat.  The children mixed together honey, egg, flour, spices and vanilla extract.  Once the gingerbread was cooked, the children left the biscuits for Santa.  Later, the children were delighted to discover that Santa had left them a thank you letter. The Reggio table has become part of Santa’s workshop complete with pine cones, shiny things, string and most importantly Santa’s ‘To Do’ list. The Gorillas have been practising their all-important present wrapping skills using wrapping paper, scissors, Sellotape, boxes and ribbon.  The Gorillas have also been busy at the allotment making Christmas trees out of sticks, leaves, glue and tree shapes. At Nature Kids Plot, the Gorillas have been getting scientific –  investigating the properties of ice – noticing what happens to it when crushed and talking about where it comes from and why it forms.

Festive Fun for Everyone…

The Baboons have also been getting very much in the festive spirit.  They’ve been making Christmas trees and Santa’s using red and white handprints.  They have also been getting creative and making Christmas cards and wrapping Christmas presents.  To avoid Christmas overload (if you can have such a thing!), the Baboons have been making banana bread – not very Christmassy, but very yummy, so we’ll let them off!

Brrrrr – Week Beginning 4th December 2017…

Brrrrr – Week Beginning 4th December 2017…

Let’s go ice skating…

A frosty, wintry scene over at the small world ice rink captivated the Gibbons to go and role play the different figures getting up to all sorts at the frozen water. Swirling and twirling around on the rink to the Christmas songs that have been playing in the room. From one Christmassy activity to the next –  the Gibbons have been decorating Gingerbread houses with real sweets, crushed candy canes and dyed rice. No eating – that’ll be up to you when you get them home! This week’s book of the week was ‘Peppa Pigs Snow Day’ and the Gibbons got very excited seeing their favourite pig off on her snowy adventure. There was a delicious Christmas smell coming from the Gibbon room and it was their Christmas colour and smelly sensory tray. With cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg surrounding the room with Wintry seasons smells, the Gibbons felt the different spices and ingredients and enjoyed the various sensory objects.

Snowman Slam…

it was strikes all round for the Baboons when they played ‘Snowman Slam’ this week. They made  little white cups into mini snowman which they used as skittles and played a fun game of bowling and knocking over and slamming those poor little snowmen down! Getting into the Christmas theme themselves, the Baboons made their own version of ‘fairy lights’ by doing fingerprint painting with a dazzle of colours. They have been decorating their walls with their funky fairy lights and decorating their tree with their own designed tree decorations. These decorations were filled lots of festive colours and next week you should see the rooms transformed into fun festive  environments. Learning to try new things, the Baboons have been carrying out some fruit tasting this week and trying out a vast array. From lemons and limes to lychees and peaches, the Baboons surprised themselves and realised they liked most of them. Finishing off the week with exciting parachute games, the Baboons danced to Christmas songs whilst twirling and running under the parachute. Playing different games and singing songs the Baboons had a very merry week!

Stockings, presents, ball balls and all things Christmas…

The Gorilla children got Christmassy this week using their describing words to speak about the different Christmas trees and decorations they have seen around. The Gorillas used this to inspire their own creativity for their decorating of baubles, stockings and presents to go on the Gorilla Christmas themed display board. They also made hats for their Christmas party next week. Up at our Nature kids Project, your children have been collecting sticks to form their own special Christmas stick tree. Using different lengths and widths, the Gorillas helped the adults the construct a masterpiece measuring and placing them in length order. In the dance room, the children have been dancing to Christmas songs and acting out the lyrics. The Gorillas have learnt the words to ‘Jingle Bells’ AND ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ and have been even been practicing in the garden whilst building snowmen made from sand. Although its been a cold week, the Gorillas have had a fantastic frosty week.

All of the children have been really enjoying singing their song which they will be performing to you guys on the stage at the mulled wine evening. Please find out your child’s song from your team and sing it with them so they are as confident as possible on the day.