To be part of a child's most formative years is of course a huge privilege and responsibility. It is no exaggeration that in these years the families of our children and the Nursery together will shape children's outlook on life and hence their futures. The time at Young Friends is short and precious as it is a time when learning and skills take-up are at a peak without compromising this uniquely unfettered time to have a great deal of fun.

Young Friends' has annual collective social events – a summer BBQ, a sports day, an evening of songs, mulled wine and mince pies at Christmas - but it is the daily one to one feedback on your child's activities and progress that is the overriding tenet of the partnership.

Our special nursery is their place away from home with added opportunity to try new (and familiar) things together with their friends. The Nursery has its own double plot at the Weald allotments equipped with an outdoor classroom, bug hotel, composting area, herb and flower gardens and more. It's their time away from the regular nursery week, and plays a major part in establishing a love for nature and the environment. The children take pride from growing their own for the Nursery kitchen and learn about planting, weeding, composting, native wildlife and recycling. They also do 'Forest School' inspired activities and sometimes they just play.

At Nursery, the gardenis equipped with exciting challenges and natural resources. Our activities include structured sports sessions and yoga, language sessions, cinema-like projections of stories etc., and dance and music in a dedicated music room. The inside of the nursery is also stocked with natural and real materials, for which it is proven there are many more benefits than their plastic counterparts, not to mention the environmental gains which we try to filter through many things we do.

Your children will graduate from Young Friends with high self-esteem, strong social and communication skills, a foundation in traditional values of good manners, the need to listen, and respect well intended rules.

Of course, it is the staff that are key. At Young Friends, all are proud of their Nursery and committed to the long-term relationships that deliver the best for their individual charges and the Nursery as a whole.

CEO Louise -an Honours graduate from Manchester University – qualified as Early Years Professional before managing numerous settings on the way to her own in 2007. Her approach to child development has been published in a number of her magazine articles. The children's absolute happiness and welfare characterise her individual approach whilst content to recognise the most relevant practices in the common Montessori and Reggio Emelia regimes.

The nursery is a homely and family run setting with the latest in communication technology – website communication (we won the Nursery World 'Website of the Year' in 2013), online learning journals and digital photos – individual Disks are compiled annually for every family as a reminder of their child's year.

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