Young Friends stands out above the rest as an innovative, family-oriented setting run by dedicated and passionate professionals. Our goal is to offer a truly elite childcare services. Before you even step into the nursery, you can get a feel for what we do via our entertaining weekly nursery blog. We even give our families a disk of these special photos each year. As part of our dedication to long-lasting relationships, we hold an annual summer BBQ, sports day and festive children.s song evening, along with mince pies and mulled wine.

Ever rejoicing in all things healthy and natural, our fees include structured yoga and sports sessions and most special of all . regular trips to our 125-foot allotment as the children start their green thumbs early with growing and stocking the nursery with fresh fruit and veg. They learn about composting, recycling, planting, weeding and just enjoying nature. Our large garden is filled with exciting challenges and natural resources. been highly commended for Nursery of the Year, Preschool of the Year and Nursery Food Awards. We have also won others such as Business Development, Website of the Year and Louise, our director has won Early Years Professional of the Year.

Balancing traditional values e.g. manners, mealtimes and learning the importance of rules with innovative practices e.g. website communication, online learning journals and digital photos, is something we do with natural flare. We take the best of international practices like Montessori and Reggio Emelia and mix them up to inspire our children to explore and learn.

The warmth of Young Friends radiates from our carefully selected team, homely but modern nursery surroundings and our holistic approach to individualized care, all of which is headed by the nursery owner and director, Louise . a knowledgeable Early Years professional who loves her nursery and all within it. She is a hands on managing director who is always doing her best to make sure everyone . staff, children and our families are happy. One mother recently said .From Bollywood dancing to allotment veg growing Young Friends are always looking for new, fun ways to educate and entertain the children. The nursery is worlds apart from other nurseries in Brighton and Hove'.

We are often told we are more special than the rest. Come and take a look!

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