World Book Day and Other Animals – Week beginning 27th Feb 17…

From witches to frogs to princesses, the Gibbons went to the dressing up cabin this week and tried on all different costumes and fancy dress all in the name of World book day which took place on Thursday. Pancake Tuesday came about this week and what fun our Gibbons had. They mixed together the ingredients and decorated the pancakes with lemon, honey and blueberries…Yummy! As well as pancakes, the Gibbons made Gruffalo pizzas! They adorned delicious home made bases with tomato puree, olives, salami and pineapple. The Gruffalo pizzas were good enough for everyone to eat including the Gruffalo and the mouse! The Gibbons played in the Reggio Emilia area and made pictures and patterns of rice. We have tried to get different coloured rice and different sizes to make the patterns more colourful for the Gibbons to see. Strikes and spares were scored in the Gibbon room when they were learning how to roll the balls to hit the plastic cups. We can see it already the Gibbons are professionals at bowling!!

The Baboons made frog hats this week in preparation for our Jolly Post Kids play. They enjoyed making green frogs and sticking eyes and tongues on the hats and wearing them. The baboons are very excited about our jolly Post Kids play. The Baboons imagined they were at the beach this week by playing with wet sand and building sandcastles. They used different tools to create patterns in the sand and enjoyed feeling the texture of dry sand compared to wet sand! In the Reggio Emilia area, the Baboons were using scissors to cut up daffodils and use magnifying glasses to look closely at the petals. In the dress up area, the children have been dressing up and wearing bracelets and necklaces and looking after their babies in role play. As well as this this, they made their own necklaces using pasta. The Baboons painted pastas and threaded it onto ribbon. The outcome was lovely and we are sure will be the next fashionable attire!!

Well done to all our Gorillas then came in fancy dress on Thursday for World Book day, from old ladies to postman from the Jolly post book to the Gruffalo you all looked great! In Group time in the Gorilla room, they children spoke about it is good to be kind to each other and others. They remember and spoke about times when they had been nice to other children and how they can make others happy. Our school leavers were given the task of identifying their own names from a collection and writing their own name without prompting. These next few months are very important for our school leavers in getting ready for their next stage in education and these activities are very helpful for them. In preparation for the Jolly Post Kids play coming up on Saturday 1st April (parents don’t forget to buy your tickets) the Gorillas have been making bird beaks. The children have been painting their bird beaks and talking about what birds they would like to be in the play. Our Gorillas are extremely exited for the play as well our staff! They are also doing excellently with learning their songs for the play, and this week we have all been practising the songs. Keep practising with them at home please – we will print out the words for you so you can really familiarise them and make the experience the most fun for them that it can be.

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