Weekly Update Week Beginning 27th July 2015

Hi everyone.

We hope you are all really well. How lovely to have the sun back!

There is not an awful lot to report this week. Except the children have been having a lovely time as ever…

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The lost property at the top of the stairs is going to be given to charity later today so please have your final rummage. We have kept it far too long and need to start again. If you are looking for anything in particular and aren’t in today please call the nursery and ask whoever you talk to to check it is not in the box.

The children have some lovely bright new parachutes that they have been having lots of fun with this week. the staff have also had refresher training in setting up the garden beautifully and also garden interaction. As a result garden time has had some exciting life breathed into it.

The Baboons are now following in the Gorillas experienced footsteps and next week the team will have their own behaviour flip-necklaces. Having these behaviour prompt cards at hand all of the time has really helped encourage Gorilla positive behaviour so we are feeding it to the rest of the nursery too.

We have a new apprentice called Alexia who is trialing this week and next so we will keep you posted on how she has done next week. If you meet her feel free to give us feedback as your opinions are always welcome.

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