Weekly Update week beginning 20th July 2015

Good evening all. I hope you are well today.

Well at least the plants are happy in the rain…

That brings me neatly to our first bit of news – this week we actually physically got our Young Friends allotment keys and were given a 125 ft long allotment – I know at the moment I am the only one that is uber excited about this but believe me this is going to be amazing for your children. We have a hell of a lot of weeding to do (there is serious amount of them) so it won’t be instant but you have my word we will create a beautiful space for your children to learn even more about growing in truly beautiful and peaceful surroundings. After a few months we hope to expand the plot and create a self-sufficient space with story circle, fire pit, composting and washing up area, al fresco eating area and pond – but we have to ‘prove’ ourselves worthy and what we have will be brilliant for now. So we will keep you posted and do everything in our power to get it worthy of your little ones as soon as we can. It’s at the Weald Allotment site which is pretty much the best and there are loads of community projects up there that we will get your kids involved in. More info soon…

Tatty Bumpkin Yoga. As per your text earlier in the week your lucky Gorillas will automatically take part in these inspiring musical yoga sessions. You will receive weekly updates as to what they have been doing and the ‘learning goals’ behind each structured lesson. It is so beneficial for their concentration skills and control and so sweet to see them so mesmerised and concentrated (we often spy on the CCTV in the office). We will put a video up soon so you can see too but believe me it’s worth £3 a session without a doubt. However if you don’t want your child to take part just pop it in an email and we will totally understand. From September the children will be offered classes for one term as the day will change at the start of each one.

Please remember your fees will increase by 2.5% in line with inflation in September. We actually have to do this now, especially if we are going to keep providing new and exciting services within our fees.

Boringly but very importantly please make sure your emergency contacts are near enough to actually pick up your child (within an hour absolute max) if they fall ill and you can’t be contacted. We have been receiving a few changes to add to files so thank you for them and if you still need to do so please don’t forget.

So, your amazing Gorillas are becoming increasingly and impressively tri-lingual (some even more) because they are learning Italian with Maria and Spanish with the lovely Amanda. However Maria is a little worried that they may get confused as they are mixing up the two languages so have had an idea that the children’s families pick one of the languages to learn. They will have the same program for learning as each other just in the particular language. It’s amazing how much they are learning. The team obviously talk to them in their particular language all the time but the actual sessions are structured and planned – in a fun way as always. The children are so lucky to get to really enjoy another language before they get to school and we hope you are as excited as we are about it. I for one wish I had had such a great opportunity…

Please remember other parents when you are parking your car at the bottom and in the very middle of the drive, and then think again. It is really annoying and we have had a few complaints about parents doing this recently who have had to wait outside the drive for just one car to leave. Just shimmy to the left or right please. Of course driving to the top is even more helpful though we understand if you are going to be super quick you might not want to get stuck at the top – but in this case please make sure you really are super quick!

Your blog is ready but please excuse the absence of text. This will be done on Monday when we have a full pack of office cards.

There will be quite a few Deputy Manager trialists/interviewees over the coming weeks. If you come across them we will of course introduce you. Hopefully you will trust by now that we have a very stringent selection process and that we will find a Deputy Manager of equally good calibre to the team already at Young Friends. We have lots of people keen to work for us and we like to think this is because of our great reputation. Anyway you have our word we will not let you down and I certainly won’t be letting Ebone and the team down. If it takes a while so be it – we want to find you and your children the perfect match.

We are sorry to say the preschool appears to have a few crawling hair-based visitors. Please check and treat before bringing them back in. Nitty Gritty combs seem to be by far the best – they cost a little more but are worth it.

Here in the office we are all getting pretty ___ssed off with our email issues and we really are sorry – poor old Pete (our tech guy) is trying his best to sort them out. We can always receive so you can send away but it seems the minute Pete sorted the Hotmail issue we are now unable to send to a host of others, including Yahoo. Hopefully (yawn) it will be sorted soon but for now you can all email us and we will text to alert to important issues and of course put the updates on the site.

Lastly – thank you so much for the couple of you that have put lovely new reviews onto daynurseries.co.uk for us. However we would really love a whole lot more. If you are/have been happy with our care please do try and do this for us – it only takes a few minutes and it really helps to have current families views. Aside from the obvious business side of this, the team put an extraordinary amount of effort into giving you and your children the very best care and experiences we can muster and it is lovely for them to read how you feel back in words. It is great for staff morale and the atmosphere in the nursery. I for one am very proud of them all and I am sure you are too.

Thanks for reading. Have an amazing weekend. I am dragging the family to the allotment for a spot of weeding. I feel a bit like Arthur Fowler…

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