Weekly Nature Story


Wahaaaay Forest and Beach School has finally started!

Leonora our long awaited newest nature guru has joined us, and for a starting gift we have given her her very  own ‘Nature Workshop’ at the back of our completely wonderful woodland garden.

Not a bad way to begin and not a bad a backdrop for consolidating the natural learning they will be seeped in during her Forest and Beach sessions.
The workshop is stocked with tools, tarps and all sorts of things to inspire and teach new rather grown up new skills.

Leonora will be providing 6-week courses full of learning and health and well-being for our preschool aged children and we can’t wait to see it unfold! The tools, materials and entire workshop will be built up over time – this is just the beginning.
The lucky first children on this term’s course, in the Fox group, had a totally brilliant first week.

Wrapped up warm the Beach school children were introduced to T.T. the turtle, the Beach School Mascot and immediately fell in love and set about finding beach treasures to make her a home.

They played the stone and shell & spoon race (yes that old classic!) and rolled fast down a big stony slope, teaching them about warming up on a brisk windy day.
The tide was going out and the children learnt and were excited about this making the beach bigger.

Our Forest School Fox’s foraged, dug and bashed to make natural paints out of chalk and charcoal and took it upon themselves to make a bathroom (of course the one thing an animal needs in a forest) for the Forest School mascot ‘Kitty’ .

They have plans to actually build some structures next week. Up at the kitchen garden Alex has been getting the classroom more insulated and putting in a fireplace and new potting area.

This will be brilliant for the children – we are really getting that potting room cosy for the children so they can warm up, have some soup, do a bit of potting and get out there growing again! Exciting times for Young Friends Nature Nursery indeed! We will be adding to our nature story weekly so watch this space! x[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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