Week Beginning 7th August 2017…

Published on: August 11, 2017
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Bubble babies…

Bubbles are always a hit with the Gibbons and this week they made their own bubble liquid with soap and water in large buckets. Mixing the two liquids together to create a foamy mix, they blew the bubbles off their hands and clapped and popped the bubbles they formed. Singing and shouting bubble, bubble pop as they watched each other get covered in in the foam. Moving onto sensory time, the Gibbons stuck their feet in different tissue boxes filled with different things for example one was filled sand, one was filled cotton wool and one with tissue paper. They laughed as their feet felt the different textures and the older ones tried to guess the materials however their younger counterparts were more interested in tearing the tissue boxes open. Using the left-over tissue paper to stick onto a duck shape piece of card and painted them with colourful glue as well as making ‘quack quack’ sounds pretending to be ducks. Spending some time doing some stretching, the Gibbons listened one of their favourite CD’s where they danced and sung along to the music practicing their bending and played heads shoulders knees and toes.

Baboons score a strike!

 The Baboons set up plastic cups and balls along a runway in the Music and Movement room. The children each rolled their ball along aiming to knock as many cups down as possible. They counted the number of cups they managed to knock down and kept score of who got the most points. The Baboons have started their music careers early with their own band using kitchen utensils such as saucepans, bowls and wooden and metal spoons creating a wonderful array of musical sounds. Earplugs might have been needed at the time, but the Baboons had a wonderful time banging and clanging away. Instead of normal stamping, the Baboons got imaginative and used potatoes with different stamps on the end to create pictures of houses and cars. Aswell as potatoes stamped shapes, the Baboons also made shapes from playdough fitting the playdough around different shoes talking about he lines and differences between the shapes.

Guacamole Gorillas…

The Gorillas did some vegan cooking this week and made some homemade guacamole. They mashed avocado, pepper, squeezed in some lime and mixed in some garlic. Afterwards they ate this for this afternoon snack with some bread sticks. All the Gorillas loved their homemade afternoon treat especially the mashing together bit. During creative time, the Gorillas made masks after they all spoke about their favourite superhero’s. The masks were decorated in feathers, foil and assorted colour pens. All our Gorillas chose their new superhero name and got into character for some role play in the afternoons. The Small World transported the Gorillas to African Safari and going on trek searching to see lions and tigers and other wild animals. Finally, the Nature Kids have been painting with the sticks using green and yellow paint to represent the flowers in our plot. The Gorillas have been for walks and spotted various slugs and snails and trying to find the biggest slug! In our neighbouring plot they have apple trees and the gorillas in side to count the apples in the tree.

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