Week beginning 6th May…

This week as you are well aware has been a mixed bag of sunshine and showers but of course the children never really care either way so the garden has seen a lot of action. We have had a number of days where the whole nursery has been playing out together for extended periods of time. It is just so lovely to see all the different ages pottering about and chasing each other and siblings happily getting together. We have also been replanting our growing seeds in the veggie patch so we will see what happens with them – fingers crossed. This weekend we are getting a new rabbit friend for our fabulous rabbit Sizzles so the children will be helping us introduce them to each ofther and encouraging them gently to make friends.

“Colourful ball painting”

Our little Chimps have welcomed Otto into the fold who has taken his new nursery life in his stride. Their room has had a makeover and is looking brighter than ever and so they have a new family board and other exciting colourful things to excite their senses (they will soon have a brand new floor too which will be lovely for them). They have been to the park for a little play and swing on the swings. They have been planting runner beans and talking all about growing. They have been doing painting with balls and different coloured paints and they made a really wonderful cosy den which they found very exciting. They have spent a lot of time in the garden and have been practicing with their walker toys as they learn to get upright! The Chimps are getting a new super comfy double buggy today especially for them, to add to our collection, and to make it easier for them to get onto buses and stay strapped in for safety.

“Sensory Light and Sound Experience”

The Howlers have been doing obstacle courses in the garden. They were really agile and put everything into it! They did some rather exotic fruit tasting in their room too which they loved! They had a great time playing that old classic ‘sleeping bunnies’ all week and changed the animals to practice their animal impressions (they just love pretending to be animals don’t they?). They have been burying and finding balls in their sand pit and roaring away playing with their dinosaurs. They have been learning about their colours with colour board books and are getting very good at them. The Howlers also had a really special time playing with the light box equipment with space music. This amazing sensory experience is wonderful for this age group – they were really calm and fascinated with all the lights and sounds. Sweet.

“Children’s Coloured Salt Experiements”

The Baboons have been doing some great experiments making different patterns in bottles with different coloured salt (it always seems to be science week in the Baboon Room). They have been continuing gaining a wealth of knowledge about castles with their ever developing castle role play and looking at pictures etc. In music and movement the children have been mirroring eachothers movements both in teams and in pairs and thinking of all sorts of crazy things to do for their friends to copy. They have had really detailed baby role play out all week too with everything they could need – baby baths, towels, nappies, blankets, bottles etc. They have been gently rocking their babies to sleep and washing and feeding them.

“Creating Junk Modelling Dolls House”

The Gorillas have had a real home in their ‘home corner’ this week with a sofa and pets and a tv etc. They have been really enjoying getting down to basics and pretending to be a family. Sweet. They have been making a wonderful dolls house altogether with their junk modelling. They have also been making their own houses. They have had their very own power point presentation (goodness it sounds like they are at college already!) and have been copying it to do animal stretches in music and movement. They have been learning to draw and the sound for the letter ‘b’ too. They did a great activity where they all sat in a circle and copied shapes and patterns that Irene was drawing and really practiced their fine motor skills. They were really impressive. They have also been learning about subtraction using a collection of different toys. The Gorillas have been using their lovely pictures from home to practice their descriptive and recall skills. They have been proudly talking about the areas in the pictures, what they do there and what they mean to them – thank you for helping them collect their photos they really enjoyed the activity.

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