A Glimpse of Spring! Week Beginning 6th March 17…

Yummy healthy treats were made by our talented Gibbons this week – cornflake cakes with yogurt and fruit. The Gibbons love getting their hands into cooking and everyone loves eating their produce. The Gibbons also had a lovely time with sensory gloves… the gloves were filled with oil, paint, rice and gel and they all loved squeezing the squelchy gloves and feeling the different textures and weights. The Gibbons also covered the tables in foil and made patterns with paint using natural objects and their hands. It all got very messy and they were amazed at the different patterns made on the foil. The Gibbons spent a lot of time in their small world area this week – which was about cars and building the car enclosures and tunnels for the cars to go through. Using their story bag, the Gibbons read about brushing their teeth. There then ensued a training session in which they pretended to brush their teeth and copy the actions of the Gibbon team. They talked all about the importance of brushing teeth and how lovely it is to have lovely sparkly teeth – do let us know if we helped in anyway at all!

The Baboons made play dough this week and coloured it with different food colouring. They then used the colourful play dough to make their own shapes and patterns.  In the Baboon room, the paint was used in a massive variety of ways to make patterns in all different guises. Some used straws to blow paint bubbles on paper and see what patterns they could make whilst others used sponges to see what patterns they could form. Using paint and water, the Baboons have been playing at the water tray using straws and funnels and using them to make the water go fast or slow.  They have also been talking about their emotions and their families this week in group time. They have read stories about how to express their emotions. Brilliant stuff.

After a long Winter, the sun has finally started to show its face this week and our Gorillas have been having fun in the warmer sun in St Anne’s Park with Nadeem getting stuck into and learning from an assortment of sports activities. In the Small World area, the Gorillas have been acting the ‘Three Little Pigs’ by building the three pigs houses. With a huff and a puff our Gorillas acted out the scene from the classic fable and spoke about the materials used for the houses and what makes houses strong. The Gorillas then made their own colleges using freehand shapes and stuck them on paper to make rather cool colleges. They had a great time sharpening all their pencils with their rather cumbersome electric sharpener and in the Reggio Emilia area, the Gorilla’s sorted the shapes into groups. The natural shapes all had different colours which dictated the organisation. They also got a new bird feeder which is attached to the Gorilla garden window and has been filled with wild bird feeder so we are crossing fingers for some close up bird studies. The Gorillas impressively practised their phonics by matching the letters together with the pictures on the card given out. Only 3 weeks away from our exciting play and the Gorillas have been practising their songs and acting out the different scenes all week. They discussed which ones were their favourite songs and what costumes they would like to wear for their parts. Don’t forget to come and support the kids in the play by watching them and get your tickets from the office – please don’t let their hard work go to waste!

The allotment has seen the blackberry and raspberry plants go in and the fruit beds enriched by manure. The ticket money for the Nature Kids show will go towards finishing the outdoor classroom, kitchen and eating area so please keep supporting by buying those tickets. If you need more than two you really must get in early as it will be first come first serve for the extras that we have on standby.

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