Week Beginning 4th September 2017

Let’s go on teddy bear’s picnic…

When the sun came out this week, so did the dishware and sand food for a teddy bear picnic in the garden. The Gibbons ate their pretend food (and some of them did actually try) and all enjoyed their afternoon picnic party. Getting decorative with scrap materials and glue, the children impressively stick the material to make patterns and funky collages to hang around the room. There was a chill in the Gibbon room, when the ice tub was brought out for the Gibbons to test their strong power in breaking the large blocks of ice. Putting their best foot forward for a sing and dance of Hokey Cokey. The littlest ones joined in sitting down and the older ones stood up and sang the popular song with excitement.

All aboard the potato boat…

As the Baboons enjoy cooking so much, this week they experimented with potato making their own potato boats. Spooning out the inside of the potato to mash with carrots, mushrooms and pepper together with dairy free butter the Baboon made a spectacular boat shaped snack to eat in the afternoon. Delicious! Onto the next activity, which we advised the Baboons not to eat, which was emptying herbs in water and pouring into cups. Swishing the cups with herby water around the Baboons smelled the different cups to organised the different herbs. From designing cars last week to this week building them from junk modelling, the children used their car designs to create their perfect cars. And after tiring themselves out in some exercise in the music and movement room doing some colour coordinating dancing and animal yoga, the Baboons talked about how the exercise made them cell in group time. They spoke about needing water as they were thirsty and a rest as they were tired. But the tiredness didn’t last long as you can imagine!

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Counting the time and running to up and down in St Anne Wells Park, the Gorillas practised their counting to ten whilst playing the popular games of what’s the time Mr Wolf? Nadeem showed them how to throw over-arm and under-arm and tennis balls flying everywhere, the Gorillas laughed as they raced each other up and down. The exercise didn’t stop there, Cassie did some extra cool moves with the kids this week in Yoga, teaching and helping them to balance on one foot. Cutting and sticking different shaped and sized paper, the Gorillas made mosaics which they could hang around the rooms to decorate. As you may of seen our name board has been getting pretty full this week, as the Gorillas p[practised writing their owns names and sticking them up for all to see their amazing handwriting. With only a few of our pre-schoolers left, they helped the younger Gorillas with writing their names and typing their names on word. The last few pre-schoolers spoke to the Gorillas about they feel to leave nursery and how they miss everyone here but excited for their next journey. The Gorillas spoke about their emotions for their friends leaving to go to school (sob sob) but excited to see some of their friends form the Baboon room moving up. Hooray!

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