It was Parents Evening this week so it was a chance for all our parents to come and see and hear in detail how their lovely children have are getting on. It was a really great evening and we’d like to thank all for coming and also for writing such positive things in the parent questionnaires.

Everyone has been super busy with their Christmas bags this week, making sure they’re all ready to take home by the 21st. Each child will take home their own personal bag filled with all of the wonderful Christmas activities and creations they do in December. We’ve had calenders, baubles, Christmas trees, tree decorations, stockings, handprints, crackers and much much more already and there are still two weeks to go.

Our cute little Chimps have been busy getting lots of cuddles and learning to do lots of new things. They have been wrapping up super warm in gloves and scarves to go into our rather frosty garden and play. They have been having a fantastic time with their enormous sparkly bracelet and costume jewellery collection. They just love stacking them, putting their hands and feet through them, looking through them and anything else they can think of! They have been playing with their instruments and making beautiful shiny Christmas bags to put their Christmas creations in. They have also been making a very big mess playing with (and in) flour and have been ‘mastering’ the art of using glue sticks to make Rudolf pictures. They have even made Christmas cards too. A pretty artistic week all round.

The Howlers have been having teddy bear’s picnics at snack time on their lovely shiny wooden floor. They have also been practicing letter sounds which is rather grown up. They have also been very artistic and making Chrsistmas cards, calendars for their families and some rather fantastic snowmen. Their hand made Christmas bags are hanging up in the room for everyone to admire. They have been starting to use their lovely new good morning board which is helping them with their counting and making lots of different types of drinks with tea cups and kettles and sugar bowls and spoons in their water tray. They have been practicing their Christmas songs for their Christmas show and playing along with intruments too.

The Baboons have made some really beautiful Christmas stockings and photo frames too to take home for their lucky families. They have been playing sleeping bunnies over and over – they really do love that song. They have been playing ‘Sandy Girl’ and other group dancing games at music and movement time. They have been dressing up in all sorts of hats and costumes. They are getting very very good at their Christmas songs and have been playing all sorts of intricate picnic games all wrapped up in the very frosty garden.

The grown up Gorillas have also made some rather special Christmas bags. They have also been using scissors and paper to make intricate snow flakes and have been really enjoying getting down to some basic household chores in their classic and traditional ‘home’ corner. They welcomed Sizzles the rabbit who we decided to bring inside for the winter. He now has a lovely inside hutch and he has even had a little run around in the preschool! He is toasty and warm and being looked after like a prince. The Gorillas have been learning to talk quietly near him whilst he settles in and he has become a part of the preschool so much so that they won’t want to let him go outside when summer time comes we are sure! The Gorillas have also been making fantastic Christmas decorations and are becoming absolute experts at singing their Christmas songs.

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