Diwali, Bonfire Night, and witches’ towers…Week Beginning 31st Oct 2016…

In preparation for Bonfire night, the Gibbons have been making cotton bud bonfires with brown, red, and yellow paint. Still in the Halloween spirit, the little ones have been practicing their eye-hand coordination with a bit of ghost bowling. Ghost faces were stuck onto plastic cups and the Gibbons rolled a pumpkin, some threw, to knock the cups over. Some of the Gibbons opted to be stackers rather than rollers and made sure all the ghost pins were back up for the next turn. For their cooking activity, the children made oat cookies using, oats (obviously), banana, and raisins. They chopped, chomped, and stirred, and poured their mixture for baking.  Diwali celebrations have begun so the little ones have been dancing to some traditional music and working out those legs and arms to a beat. As Diwali is the Festival of Light, the Gibbons thought it best to create some candle stick holders…from scratch I might add. Creating a salt dough base, the Gibbons then baked (well the adults did the baking) and decorated the candle holders. We hope you enjoy them as much as the children enjoyed making them.

This week the Baboons have put their listening ears on in the dance room and been following instructions with ribbon dancing. They’ve been twirling them high, low, round and round, and all over. The creative table has been a hive of bonfire night projects with collages and firework pictures. For their collages, the Baboons had a selection of straw, hay, glitter, and tissue paper to stick onto their black card. For their firework pictures, they coloured glue and used it to add more effect to their glittery fireworks. The Baboons have also been talking about what sounds they might hear when the fireworks go off. The Baboons also enjoyed a glo-stick party which involved lots of shaking, turning round and round, and swaying arms from side to side. Much like ribbon dancing, only more ravey.

All our pre-schoolers with an interest in potions continued their explorations this week as they mixed another curious batch of ingredients in the Reggio area. There was pumpkin goop, seeds, acorns, conkers, flour, and shaving foam. They talked about safety as they used knives to carve their pumpkins, and the children are becoming quite adept at using the mortar and pestle to grind items up. For Diwali, the Gorillas watched a video all about the celebrations and then made Diwali cards, talking about all the things they’d seen during the video. Speaking of videos, the Gorillas also watched one about growing potatoes informing them when to know a potato was ready for the picking. They also sang the Potato Song to commit everything to memory. For bonfire night, the children created fireworks pictures using chalk and explored where they’re fireworks were moving on the paper. The Gorillas have been rather resourceful in constructing houses for their spiders (plastic, always plastic). Using sticks from their wilderness wood trip last week, conkers, and acorns, they made very thorough living quarters for their arachnids, including a witch’s tower. They must be on watch for any trespassers. Higgledy…piggledy…

Oh and at Nature Kids our Gorillas helped to add wood and stuff to our bug hotel and give it a waterproof roof. To be completely honest most of them had more fun playing ‘fishing’ games and ‘cars’ and rescuing each other from the ‘river’ – they just played in the fresh air and had an amazing time together and that was cool with us. They helped each other cross the river and worked as a team and Ella and Ida and Harry helped Neel and Louise make the hotel – thank goodness for them haha!  ‘We have two guests!’ said Ella – I hope they’ve been told the rates because it’s a five star establishment don’t you know.

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