Week Beginning 2nd October

Working at the car wash…

Busy getting those cars and trucks spotlessly clean, the Gibbons scrubbed and rinsed with bubbly soap water and pouring chilly water over the vehicles and themselves. Lots of fun and laughter when on down at the car wash Small World but I’m sure it won’t be long until those cars need another bath! Smelling garlic and tomatoes a mile away, the Gibbons made a typical Spanish dish of Gazpacho. This cold tomato soup was made up of chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, celery, red pepper, and onion. Added Worchester sauce and olive oil before blended the mix of raw veggie all together. It’s safe to say this cold soup was not liked by everyone but every Gibbon did try. Throwing the balloon in the air and to each other to the beats of the music, the Gibbons enjoyed trying to catch the balloon as it floated back down to them. Clapping and dancing whilst chasing the balloon ball around the room, racing to catch it first.

What’s your favourite weather?

Autumn has arrived, and the Baboons have noticed the difference in weather and decide to make their own weather shakers to represent the weather of the day. With rice to represent the rain, cotton wool and paper cut into small snowflakes to show the snow and orange balls to tell us its sunny, the Baboons held their own weather shows to keep the rest of the nursery updated on the changing on seasons. The weather might be changing, but the Baboons still enjoyed playing in the Beach Small World with sea creatures and water and towels laid out to sunbathe. From drawing patterns and building sandcastles to burying the animals under the sand for a treasure hunts, the Baboons reminisced about their summers together. Using the beach themed stones to enhance their memory skills, the Baboons played a game of closing their eyes and guessing which stone was missing; was it the crab stone or the fish net stone, or maybe the bucket and spade stone. Cork tree painting and leaf threading were this week’s Autumnal seasonal activities, and the children loved making necklaces and bracelets from flowers and fallen leaves. They decorated their tree in the seasons colours and added leaves and other various resources they had collected form the Allotment.

 Fantastic Flapjacks…

There was a yummy smell coming upstairs in the Gorilla room, and it was their delicious flapjacks baking away. The smell was so delicious, everyone wanted a taste of the Gorillas brilliant baking activity. The gooey honey and raison treat was well deserved after their allotment and sport trips burning off the extreme amount of energy the Gorillas all have. With carrots growing up at the allotment, they picked the orange vegetables to bring back to nursery to use in their kitchen role plays and even gave to Kelly and Gillian in the kitchen so they can use them in their lunch…yummy! Occhi, Bocca, Naso and Orecche…now the Gorillas can say their body parts in Italian. Singing songs and playing games in their Italian class, the Gorillas are improving every day with Chiara. As you know we don’t like to use plastic here at Young Friends, and the Gorillas music session this week was based around natural instruments. They used seashells, cardboard tubes and cheese graters and metal bowls to form their band and performed some loud yet brilliant sounds…definitely some rock stars in the making!

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