Our little chimps have had a great time this week welcoming in this festive month! They’ve been getting involved with all things sparkly whilst playing with glitter in the water tray and digging for snow in the sand pit. The Christmas sensory bottles and tinsel have been a big hit with our babies this week too! It’s been a making bonanza whilst they make Christmas cards, cotton wool snow men and they have been giggling away playing peek-a-boo with Amber and Carly behind the Christmas hats. A lovely festive week – thank you Carly and Amber!

One of the big hits this week in the Howler room has been exploring shadows and puppets in the puppet theatre. Irena and the team have been busy putting on a shadow show for the children which they absolutely loved! The children even painted their own puppets for the performances! Our Howlers have been learning about parts of the body (and very proudly pointing them out for us all to see!) It’s been a busy baking week again whilst the Howlers have made gingerbread ornaments for the start of advent, they have really enjoyed getting stuck in with the cooking again! The Christmas activities did not stop there – they have used potato printing to decorate the holly leaves and played with the Christmas playdough. A great start to December in the Howlers!

Our Baboons have also joined in the festive fun this week, we have heard the children singing ‘When Santa got up the chimney’ beautifully all week, and you have probably had a rendition at home too! There has been singing and dancing and the children have loved playing Christmas musical statues, and catching the bubbles on their own Christmas dance floor. In amongst all the fantastic movement this week our Baboons have really enjoyed acting out tea parties in the role play area and using their imagination making up sea stories in their very own sea life centre. They have also had a great time making playdough snowmen which have been very sweet. A very colourful week in the Baboons -thanks to Ebone and the team!

The Gorillas have also been getting very Christmassy this week! They have been learning all about winter – talking about Christmas, December and the cold weather. They have been getting very creative making polar bears with cotton wool and building igloos with lego. The Gorillas have been reading and listening to winter stories, they have loved exploring ice in their sensory tray and playing with the arctic animals. They have been so funny this week in the role play area, it was hard to tear them away from the fantastic hair salon that Christina, Demi and Sean created for them (on request!) – not only have they been doing each other’s hair and making appointments for a ‘hair do’ but Demi has had her work cut out – doing an lot of the Gorilla’s hair styles as you can probably imagine! One of the other highlights this week was the children’s coconut shy in the garden – the children loved throwing the balls to knock the blocks over and have shown some very good aiming skills! Another fun packed week in the Gorillas. Thank you Christina, Demi and Sean!

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