Week beginning 29th April…

The Spring sun has played a starring role this week and the children have made the most of our amazing garden, spending lots of time outdoors in the sunshine. The whole nursery has come together in the afternoons to share the space and it’s been a hive of fun and laughter in a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere. The chimps, Howlers and Baboons also came together on a big group trip to the beach where they collected shells and pebbles and explored the seaside.

“Preschool Exercise and obstacle Course”

The Gorillas have continued their amazing baby clinic role play this week and have been drying the clothes they wash in the garden sun. The cleaning didn’t stop there as they also ran a mini car and vehicle wash in the garden with lots of soapy water and cloths. The children have also been using the garden to exercise and practice their skills through our nursery obstacle course. The hurdled, climbed under and over, jumped through hoops, hit and threw balls and even balanced bean bags on their heads through a fantastic course. In the room, the Gorillas have been practicing writing their own names, acting out scenes from their favourite stories and making their own personalized plaster cast masks.

“Animal Music and Movement Sessions”

It’s been an action packed week in the Baboon room with lots of lovely activities. The lucky children have had an amazing castle role play complete with a draw string bridge that they’ve been lowering and raising together. They’ve been colouring salt and practicing layering the concoctions into glass jars making patterns and colouring rice to sort onto various shape mats. Around the main table the children have been creating fantastic pasta towers by sticking spaghetti and pasta into playdough. The Baboons have also been pretending to be different animals in music and movement and exploring melting ice in the garden.

“Exploring New Sensory Basket”

The Howlers have had a wonderful time this week. The room was transformed with a special den for stories and the mini climbing slide was brought in for the children to practice their physical skills. The Howlers have absolutely loved their main activities of the week which were colourful body painting and making telephones with cups and string. They’ve also been matching coloured blocks with their coloured teddies and exploring their new sensory basket. On Thursday the Howlers joined with the Baboons for a fantastic cooking activity, making cauliflower sticks with special Italian seasoning.

“Sinking and Floating Games”

The Chimps have had a wonderful times this week. The nursery has been full of the lovely smell of cheese and tomato melts as the Chimps have been mixing the pastry and using different shaped dough cutters to make the healthy treats. In the messy area they’ve had lots of fun doing spaghetti painting and playing with sinking and floating toys in their water tray. The lovely Christina has come from the preschool each day to sing songs with her guitar and the little ones have joined in with all sorts of musical instruments. They’ve also played with the cars and garage set and focused on their different sensory bottles.



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