Week Beginning 27th Jan 2017…

Shake it like jelly on a plate! The Gibbons made strawberry and blueberry  (vegetarian) jelly this week and then made the jelly into very wobbly shapes using different cutters. After tasting the yummy jelly, the Gibbon’s then poured glitter into the jelly and enjoyed watching it wobble on the table. From jelly to mashing veg, the Gibbons used different kitchen utensils like mashers, spoons and forks to pound and pulverize the ingredients. They chopped carrots and smelt the onion and garlic – it was hilarious to see their little faces wince away, especially at the garlic! In the Gibbon room, there are four different pots with sticks, leaves, spaghetti and pasta in. The children had to sort them into the right vessels. They enjoyed feeling the different textures of the items as they organised away. Old MacDonald had a farm ee-I-ee-I-o! On that farm, he had some… Gibbons! We are sure you are very aware that this is one of their very favourite songs to sing – and group time is no exception – the enthusiasm is delightful listening to them relish in making and hearing all the different animal sounds.

RAAAAWWWWWW! Our Baboons turned into dinosaurs by making dinosaur footprints with the paint. As well as dinosaur’s footprints, the Baboons have painting multicultural handprints. They had to mix paints to match their skin and paint their hands and make hand prints. The Baboons talked about potty training with our Persona doll who did her level best to encourage them to want to be grown up and use potties. ‘How do you feel?’ Feelings were talked about in group time in the Baboon room, and they all told our staff how they were feeling that day and read a book all about it. Who would have thought shaving foam, after all this time could still be so much fun… This time, the Baboons mixed their foam with food colouring to make marbled paper and we must say they did an excellent job. Pipettes were used to suck up and drop globules of food colouring and they all enjoyed seeing the marbled outcome on their pieces of paper.

The preschool turned into a sandy beach this week, with our Gorillas investigating mixing sand with water. They poured the sand into the tray and spoke about the textures and making sandcastles when they have been on holidays and shared may a trip down those little memory lanes. Neel, Sarah and Nishat have been showing our Gorillas how to hold a pencil and draw lines and using rulers to measure objects. From maths and writing to ICT this week, the children have been practicing  all sorts of dexterities. There mouse skills were given a run for their money by dropping images of kitchen equipment on top of the corresponding cooking methods on the computer – the deep fat fryer and steamer caused a bit of confusion but they were pretty familiar with the wok, bbq and microwave! They also practiced sounding out letters with phonic pictures – sounding out words like ‘C-A-T’ ‘B-A-L-L’ etc. – showing with this that their clarity of sounds/speech is really improving. Our Gorillas have been building their own small car garages and car spaces using natural wooden slices and toilet tubes which they placed in shoe boxes. They all spoke about how they will be driving when they older – so watch out, our Gorillas are nearly about – what a thought….

At the allotment our chestnut poles have arrived for beds and fruit supports. The next stage is a load of woodchip, which arrives next Tuesday – when that’s down we are away and the children can visit again comfortably.

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