With both Parents Evening approaching and Christmas homing in on it has been a bustling week at Young Friends. The children have all started learning their very cute Christmas songs ready for our special minced pies and mulled wine performance on the 13th December. There have also been lots of magical Christmas activities starting in every room.
The Gorillas have started their Christmas display with some lovely glittery artwork and have been practicing their new songs every day. They are brilliant at them already. Their role play this week has been a cinema and they have loved getting their tickets, booking seats and getting ready for the shows. They’ve been working on their fine motor skills by playing tiddlywinks (very fiddly) and have all got very good indeed. As well as all that, Declan has taken home Eddie the teddy for a fantastic weekend and the Friday group went to watch their old Preschool friends in Davigdor School’s Reception Christmas play – it was lovely.

The Baboons had an amazing snow making activity this week where they mixed shaving foam, fairy liquid and corn flour to make fluffy snow. They have had a town complete with vehicles, a garage and walls made out of building blocks in their small world and a great doctor’s surgery in their role play area. In their music and movement they explored the different sounds bracelets can make and in the garden they used all of the open ended resources to make a fantastic train!

The Howlers have had a wonderful time this week. They kicked off their Christmas preparations by using their handprints to make a brilliant tree for their new display and decorating baubles to put on it. They have absolutely loved playing in their snowy small world town, getting totally covered in flour in the process. Their role play has been an office kitted out with a laptop, keyboards, mouse, phones and paper and pens. They’ve even had time to use special stickers create some lovely artwork.

The Chimps have also started their Christmas activities by making some lovely snowmen and snowflakes this week. They’ve had mystery items to feel and explore in their exciting exploration box and soft farmyard full of cuddly animals to move around. They’ve also been rolling play dough in flour and playing with pieces of hose pipe.

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