After such an amazing ‘Around the World’ theme last week, we had a lot to live to this time around but once again, the staff have ensure it’s been another wonderful week at Young Friends. We’ve had our first few glimpses of the Spring sun to come and have made the most of every minute of it out in the garden. We also have a brand new display outside the Baboon room dedicated to all of last weeks lovely multicultural activities.

“Colour Sorting and Spelling”

The Gorillas focused on the book ‘Bog Baby’ this week. They absolutely loved reading through the story each day and made their very own bog babies with junk modeling. They even found a real bog baby in the garden! We had mirrors on our activity table and looked at our own reflections to see that we were all different. Our colour of the week was green and we were fantastic at finding all sorts of green things around the nursery and our phonics were the ‘t’ and ‘ck’ sounds. We got so good at them that we even managed to spell out ‘cat’.

“Amazing Children’s Building and Constructions”

The Baboons have had an action packed time this week. There has been salt painting, collages using stickers and glue and building building whole cities with roads and blocks. There has been magnifying glasses and coloured lenses for exploring in the garden and the discovery bags have been down to rummage through all week. The lovely Baboons have been looking after their babies with blankets, bottles and nap times and learning their letters with the alphabet song at group time. They have also been having exciting water relays across the room and garden.

“Small World Cars and Roads”

It has been a great week in the Howler room. We’ve had a new road mat for our small world area and have loved driving all our vehicles around it. We’ve been exploring with sensory balls, pouring bubbly water and practicing pushing buttons with our ICT toys. The Howlers have been busy using their Doctor equipment in the role play and getting colourful with some beautiful sponge paintings. In the midst of all of that, we managed to find time to visit the local book shop and take a trip to the park to play in the sand.

“Exploring Textures and Materials”

The Cheeky Chimps have built on last weeks English tea party and had their very own in their room this week. They’ve had lots and lots of things to explore this week with flannels, material and feely books and by rummaging through their different discovery boxes. Their main activity has given them a chance to get messy by creating some colourful foot painting artwork and they’ve also been practicing washing their own hands in their Chimp sized sink.

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