Week Beginning 24th Feb 2017…

Lemon faces! This week the Gibbons made refreshing lemonade. They mixed together a spoonful of honey, sparkling water and lemon juice and practised storing it all together. Everyone tried the lemonade, some enjoying it and some not enjoying the lemon taste. Our Gibbons turned into Garden bugs this week exploring what bugs they could find in the garden. They learned about bees and wasps and ladybirds and other insects. After this, the Gibbons painted half a paper plate yellow and added black stripes to make their very own bumble bees. As well as this, the Gibbons also got arty by making their own footprints to take home and be put on the fridge or walls. Finally, in the Gibbon room, they had heuristic play where have been filling and emptying containers and choosing their preferred toys. This is important time in the Gibbon room, as it helps them to be more independent.

Our very own duck pond was made in the Baboon room this week in the small world area. The Baboons used blue rice, glass beads, frogs and lily pads. The Baboons had Heuristic play this week. With our baboons learning to become more independent, an environment of discovery and investigation is extremely important for this. Heuristic play is the time when the children will spend 30 minutes or more concentrating on seemingly random play. They like to post, hide, slide, pour, fill, put on, in and under things. The Baboons enjoy this time a lot as they are free to explore different objects. The train track was built in the main this week, and the Baboons made tunnels, bridges and stations for their trains to pass through and under. They made different train notices and pretended to be the train conductors. The Nature kids went up to the Allotment and went on a bug hunt.  They found snails and slugs but were all very excited to find a centipede. They used a magnifying glass to see up close the different insects they found. The Baboons have sorted a lot of different coloured rice this week in the reggio area. They sorted them into colour piles and filled containers with the rice and beans. The floor was mostly covered but the baboons had fun!

ROOOAAAAAR! The Gorillas constructed a dinosaur world this week and built the different dinosaurs houses and bridges. They spoke about the different dinosaurs whilst looking at pictures and learning where they were from. In the Reggio Emilia area, the children poured flour on to playdough and spoke about what patterns they could see. The Gorillas used different tools to create patterns and textures. The Gorillas got creative and learned how to use scissors cutting in a straight line (safely of course). They went onto cut out pictures of magazines and spoke about the different things they could see. Our nature kids went on the allotment this week. The Gorillas made different textures using the tree stumps and practised using describing words to describe the textures they could feel. The Gorillas saw the improvements that have been made to the allotment since their visit and talked more about the jolly post kids play that they will be performing in April. At the maths table, the Gorillas grouped the counters on the African game board and counted to ten. They counted the cubes for the game and stacked up cubes building tall structures. Additional to counting, the Gorillas also learnt how to write a selection of words and how to use them in sentences. They copied the letters on the pictures and practised writing them.

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