What a week at Young Friends! Not only did we have our usual amounts of fantastic fun but we also had a super special visit from the Fire Service on Tuesday. Our lucky children got to sit in the fire engine, see the siren lights, fire the hose and also got some lovely stickers and resources given to them by the Fire Fighters. There is a new gallery photos from the day so make sure you take a look.

This week the Chimps have been baking lots of yummy raisin cookies, having fun rolling out the dough. We have been focusing on animal sounds and learning them with the help of songs and getting messy Chimp style by exploring gloop. They have been reading lots of stories and singing and clapping to songs. They have a new little friend too who has been getting lots of cuddles to help her settle into her new little group.

The Howlers have also been doing lots of lovely cooking this week, making fruit crumble and eating it for their pudding. They have had an exploration table full of coloured jelly shapes, bottles and coloured screens and made their own new shakers.They have been getting noisy with our fantastic multicultural musical instrument set (there are some really great noises in there) and playing in their cosy den made out of a rather large box and lots of cushions.

The Baboons have been using their binoculars and magnifying glasses to go on animal hunts. The animals have been hidden high and low and there has been lots of searching and identifying. They have also loved sorting coloured rice onto shape boards and experimenting with cooked gloop. They have also been playing role play fishing games with big branches in the Baboon Room and making different noises with different textured materials.

The Gorillas absolutely loved their visit from the Firemen this week and have been reading the special stories they were given in preparation for our Fire station role play next week. They have also been talking about and investigating different emotions and thinking what they could do to make people feel better when they are sad. They have been getting better and better at using their computer and carrying on with some dinasoar activities from last week. We have already started our Halloween celebrations by decorating all the rooms and the Gorillas have been carving some of our pumpkins. Sizzles and Stitch are getting friendlier and bolder by the day and Sizzles in particular is really enjoying the children’s company.

Well that’s it for now – have a great weekend everyone – until next week…..

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