Week beginning 20th May…

It’s been yet another action packed week at nursery. We’ve gained a special new friend this week, Noemi our Japanese persona doll. Irene recently undertook persona doll training and has come back with some fantastic ideas which each group will be trying out over the next few weeks to support the children’s learning of emotions and empathy.

“Shape Matching and Sorting Games”

The Gorillas have been the first to welcome their new friend this week, Noemi. The children learnt about where Noemi grew up in Japan and shared their views and experiences as a group. There has been an amazing builders workshop role play, in which the children have worked together to make some brilliant group constructions and even tried out some real tools (hammer and nails) with the help of Sean. Around the room the children have been drawing portraits of their faces, making special handprint pictures and learning new shapes with matching and sorting games. The new phonic of the week is J and at group time the Gorillas have been making up their own wonderful stories which they have absolutely loved. They have been getting really immersed in making big constructions out of our open ended resources – check out the photos below to see their totally brilliant formula one racing car made out of pallets, tyres, bits of wood and construction bricks!

“Practicing Fine Motor Skills”

The Baboons have been busy in their launderettes role play this week, sorting, washing, hanging and ironing clothes. On the main table they have been been practicing fine motor skills by threading buttons and beads and making necklaces. They have also had a fantastic animal safari with animals, plants, binoculars and dressing up clothes which the children have enjoyed all week. At group time the Baboons have been practicing action songs and played listening games identifying all sorts of different sounds.

“Children’s Healthy Cooking Activity”

The Howlers have been busy as always this week. There’s been lots going on in the room with a lovely farmyard scene to support their learning of animal names and noises and lots of physical toys such as stacking cups, cogs and wheels and key boards for typing. The role play area was transformed into a crèche complete with cradles, blankets and bottles for looking after the baby dolls. The main activities of the week were colorful textured hand printing and a lovely healthy cooking experience where they made tasty cheese and tomato puffs.

“Heuristic Play”

The Chimps have had a ‘Post Office’ theme this week and have been practicing posting letters and cards in their very own post box. They built on this on Thursday by taking a trip down to the Post Office and posting their very own stamped letters home. As well as this, the Chimps have been pouring and filling containers with rice, exploring various objects in heuristic play and using our lovely song bags to choose songs to sing at group time.

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