Week Beginning 13th November 2017…

Published on: November 17, 2017
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Frozen fruit fantastic fun…

Drawing and painting just got a lot yummier when the Gibbons used frozen fruits to paint with. Dipping the frozen berries into assorted colours and creating beautiful delicious masterpieces and were able to eat their edible paintbrushes after, what result! The Gibbons visited the farm at the Small World area, however this week it was based around sensory feels. Playing with animals amongst the different textures of grass and soil and wood and rolling pine cones around their farm land, the Gibbons loved feeling the various consistency’s. From a sensory farm to a sensory wall, there were sandwich bags filled up with various liquids from hair gel to oil and difference reams. The Gibbons felt and scrunched the different bags and left their marks in the bags using their hands. Finally, the Gibbons did what they do best and made a lot of noise, using pots and pans and wooden spoons and started their own musical drumming band. The music sessions were very loud, but the Gibbons absolutely loved it.

‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’…Train tracks and horses on snow and with trees covered in the white dust, the Baboons had a magical Small world to create a Winter Wonderland theme. They played in the pretend snow and got themselves covered and made marks in the snow with the trains and horses. Digging for bones, the Baboons explored the soil and found some dinosaur bones amongst the soil. They made footprints in the soil pretending to be roaring, great big dinosaurs back from extinction. At the Reggio Emilia Area, the Baboons have been threading pasta and spaghetti through playdough and making prints from the various pasta shapes. Lastly, the Baboons have been counting caterpillars and matching the caterpillars with the same number of spots to number that mirrors it. And just as we expected our clever Baboons, with only a little help, were able to match correctly the caterpillars to the numbers…Well done Baboons.

 Have you been to the countryside?…

 The children played in the county side this week over at the Small World, turning the and blowing to make the windmills go around and around. The children spoke about how the weather is changing and now it is more windy and cold. They also discussed the different animals they would find in the countryside and placed them over at our Small World Area. From peace and quiet in the country to loud noisy cars, the Gorillas have been using their favourite cars to print with on the paper. They also painted different cars and designed their own cool fast cars that they think would win the race. Looking in the mirror t themselves, the Gorillas made different drawings and models of themselves at the Reggio Emilia Area. Using the assorted coloured wool and lentils and beans to match their hair and colour eyes, the Gorillas created some amazing self-portraits. One of the focuses of the Gorillas this week has been on Tidy up time, and they have been doing an excellent job making their way up the rainbow round the pot of gold. Collecting marbles for good behaviour and when they reach the top of the jar, they all had a party to celebrate with special raisins.


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