Week Beginning 13th May…

We’ve all had a wonderful time at Young Friends this week, with the Baboons kicking off our Summer trips and the nursery full of fun filled activities. Here is our rundown of what our nursery children have been learning and enjoying this week…

Before moving onto the groups we need to introduce you to our new rabbit, a friend for Sizzles called Lilo. We have rehomed her so she is a little older just like Sizzles and she is a wonderful brave (well she would have to be) pure black lop called Lilo. We brought her to the nursery on Monday and the children are getting so good at being nurturing towards animals they were so sweet and excited when they met her. sizzles and Lilo make a handsome couple and the children have been helping us to slowly introduce them to each other. We have planted some of our seeds outside and have kick started some more herbs. We will have everything on the go in the vegetable patch within the next three weeks (we need these cold nights to mellow out first). Anyway onto our wonderful groups.

“Indoor Climbing Frame”

The Cheeky Chimps have been focusing on their physical skills. They’ve been making incredible progress with their walking recently and so lots of individual support and encouragement has been given to each of them. They’ve also had the mini climbing frame and slide in their room (lucky them) and they have absolutely loved climbing up and down and whizzing down the slide. The wonderful Chimp staff made a magical dark cozy den for special light box sessions which provided a fantastic sensory experience for them. They children have also been busy making sunflowers with paint and lentils for the seeds, playing with diggers in the sand and babbling away using home-made cup phones. Here are some sensory activities you could try at home.
“Children’s Musical Instrument Sessions”

It’s been fantastic fun in the Howler room as usual this week. The main activity on the round table has been daily changing vegetable painting. The children have had all sorts of weird and wonderful cut up vegetables to print with and have been experimenting with the different shapes and patterns they can make in all of their favourite colours. At group time the Howlers have been learning about teeth cleaning using stories and practicing with our giant teeth set and tooth brush. The children have also been rolling balls to each other in a circle and learning names, using crayons and stencils and using various musical instruments.


“Nursery Trip To Lewes Castle”

The Baboons went on a really amazing trip this week to Lewes Castle. For the last few weeks they have been enjoying their castle role play and on Thursday they went to explore a castle for real. It was such a brilliant day, with the children getting to hold real artifacts, dress up in real outfits and go inside a real castle. As well as all of that, the children have also been transferring water from different trays using all sorts of vessels, playing with calculators and matching the numbers with cards and trying to draw them themselves. They have also been looking after their babies as they loved this so much last week it seemed a shame to take it away. They have had wonderful music sessions when they have been bashing and tapping and blowing away exploring the sounds of all different multicultural wooden instruments.

“Preschoolers Cooking Home-made Falafels”

The Gorillas have had a lovely ‘home’ role play area this week and have loved acting out family and home life scenarios. They’ve also linked this in with their play dough table by creating different food and meals to put into their role play oven and serve to each other. Boys and girls alike really have been, as you can see from the photos, immersing themselves in this. On the main table those clever Gorillas have been practicing writing different numbers and matching them to quantities of toys and pictures. They also made falafels – they chopped, mixed and rolled and smelt and identified herbs. The children have moved on to the ‘ai’ sound in their phonics now and have even been learning size opposites in English and Italian with big and small fish.

That’s it till next week. Have a great weekend x

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