Hi everyone. As you know we haven’t had a blog for the past 3 weeks due to our website being redesigned so there is a lot to say and a lot of photos to be displayed. Better get started..

The actual nursery has seen some improvements. We have a new open ended resources section of the garden. The children have crates, planks of wood and tyres to build and make bridges and different things to climb on and play in. We will be building on this more and more over the coming weeks. We are also making some lovely rustic signs to define the areas of the garden which will be up soon. The Baboon Room refurbishment is up and running and shiny and new and has brightened up their days no end. The Howler Room has also been repainted this weekend too – we don’t want them to feel left out! The Chimps have new play mats for outside to brighten up their outside area too.

The Chimps… Cheryl has settled in perfectly in the Chimp Room and is really enjoying it’s calm and cosy atmosphere. The cheeky little chimps are a little quieter at the moment as a few have grown into Howlers and flown the jungle nest. We have a few new little ones starting over the next few months so they are concentrating on making the environment as lovely as possible for their arrival. Cheryl and Sophie have had a bit of a re-shuffle of furniture and areas and it looks bright and fresh and airy and the children now have a bigger space to crawl/waddle around. They have been getting messy with sticky slurpy gloop and crawling through their new tunnel and playing peekaboo with the grown-ups and each other. They have been clapping along to lots of songs and having a great time exploring and sorting out our enormous collection of costume jewellery (treasure).

The Howlers were particularly funny when they did a session of fruit tasting. Their faces were a picture (some have been added to this blog) – lots of scrunching of faces and eyes. They have been nattering away on their very own home made phones made out of cups and string (as all good phones are). They have been enjoying a sandpit in their room and have been doing some fantastic singing sessions (we have been listening to them on the cctv in the office!). They have been acting and singing and creating teddy bears’ picnics too. They too have some new recruits – Ollie and Maya who are doing really great. They have some new children from the Chimps too – Harper, Rosey, Finn and Allistair who are enjoying being very grown up!


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To the Baboons… You will have all met the lovely Ebone by now. She is really getting stuck in and the children are feeling really secure and happy. They have had a wonderful role play fruit and veg shop for the past week. They have been buying real fruit and veg and putting money into the till. They have been doing ‘puff’ painting with flour, salt and paint and putting it in the microwave (sounds insane I know??) for a new rather special puffy display so look out for that. They have been bathing, dressing, singing to and putting their babies to bed in a rather detailed and parent-like fashion. They have been having a wonderful time playing a singing game called ‘Sandy Girl’ where they clap and sing and take turns dancing in pairs in the middle – a rather catchy little number! They have been practicing their shapes and drawing round our 4 D shape models. They have 3 new recruits – Frankie, Kuzey and Evie so a big warm welcome to you all.

The Gorillas too have some new recruits, all from the Baboon Room. They are Declan Phoenix, Sebastian, Ben, Tallulah, Manfred, Oscar, Freddie and Scarlett. They are having a ball and feeling very grown up. They have been feeding their disturbingly big snails and learning about their eggs and life cycle. They have of course sadly been saying goodbye one by one to their school leaving friends but Charlotte, Irene and Carly are really looking forward to getting to know their younger recruits and planning lots of fun and educational things for them to do. They have been doing letters and playing with hospital role play and playing all sorts of different action games on their new brightly coloured mats. They have also been enjoying using the computer and building with the open ended resources in the garden. Welcome to the lovely Isaac who is settling beautifully with his new friends.

All of the groups have been taking real pride in their good behaviour and joining in at their well done times at the end of the sessions, eating wonderful food and enjoying running about in the garden to make the most of the (maybe) last bit of summer.