Badger Practitioner

My name is Chelsie. I have worked at Young Friends for nearly 3 years now. I like listening to music and love animals. I was inspired to work with children ever since my cousins were born -  I’ve always loved looking after them and now I love looking after peoples'. Fun fact - I do ballroom dancing with my dad.


Deputy Manager

Hi. I'm Carly and I've been here for 6 years. I'm totally passionate about childcare and find this job both fun and rewarding. I love coming up with new ideas to make the children learn and smile. My fun fact - I was born with 11 toes! (Carly is currently on maternity leave but will be back in August).


Director and Chef

Hi I'm Gillian. I am a Director of the company and have done the cooking for Young Friends since the start. Now it's bigger so we've employed more wonderful chefs but I'm still around and love working with the team. Fun Fact - I'm a very competitive Bridge player!