Gibbon Apprentice

My name is Chelsie. I have worked at Young Friends for 1 year now. I like listening to music and love animals. I was inspired to work with children ever since my cousins were born -  I’ve always loved looking after them and now I love looking after peoples'. Fun fact - I do ballroom dancing with my dad.


Gorilla Practitioner

Ciao! I'm Chiara and I'm from Italy! I love working here because of our Nature School and al our involvement in the environment. I absolutely love sharing Italian songs, stories and culture with the children. Fun fact: I have a very secret stash of Italian Pasta hidden in my closet!


Deputy Manager

Hi. I'm Carly and I've been here for 6 years. I'm totally passionate about childcare and find this job both fun and rewarding. I love coming up with new ideas to make the children learn and smile. My fun fact - I was born with 11 toes! (Carly is currently on maternity leave but will be back in August).