Thursday was a very special day at Young Friends this week, we had a wonderful Parents Evening. The sun was shining and we were lucky enough to be able to host our meetings in the garden, making for such a lovely evening. We had a great turn out to come and learn all about the progress of their amazing children and a lot of hard work went into what was a well deserved success. Apart from that, there has been the usual amount of fun, laughter and fantastic experiences so let’s find out a little more about what each group got up to.

There were two birthdays in the Gorilla room this week and the staff and children joined together to celebrate them, making them fun and memorable for the lucky children. They held mini parties on both days with games, dances and lots of fun. Continuing their space theme, the children have been busy making special play dough aliens and creating some fantastic white chalk space and planets pictures on black card. In the messy area the Preschoolers have been exploring cornflour with different colours and have absolutely loved getting all sticky. For music and movement this week the Gorillas have been bending and stretching to a special new yoga CD and have also been practicing their new picture matching game on their very own computer.

The Baboons have been talking about the changing weather conditions and guessing/identifying the weather throughout each day. They then used coloured chalk to create their own thunder and lightning and various weather pictures. When talking about rain the children said they liked splashing in puddles so the staff made some water balloons and everyone jumped on them and popped them in the garden to simulate this. The children also have fun playing with snow which they made by freezing shaving foam and exploring the temperature and texture. At group time the Baboons learnt and practiced some special new songs with song cards and in their sand tray they made quick sand and had to search for hidden marbles before they sunk to the bottom.

The Howlers also had a birthday/moving up party this week for Daisy who is on her way to the Baboons. They had balloons, games, music and lots of dancing and it was a lovely way for the children to celebrate. The creative table has been full of action this week with three fantastic activities. The little ones have been busy making mess with colorful ball rolling paintings. They have also used cooked and uncooked spaghetti to make some amazing textured artwork and practiced their fine motor skills by painting and threading pasta necklaces. The lucky Howlers also managed to squeeze in a lovely trip to the Supermarket where they built on their fruit and veg role play and found, weighed and bought their own fruit from the shop.

The Chimps have gone glitter mad this week. They made and decorated their own glitter bugs and explored some fascinating glitter ice balls which they saw melt throughout the day. The littlest ones have had an amazing train role play through the room complete with giant track and have loved climbing in out of the carriages. At group time the Chimps have been practicing the open and shut movement with books, doors, boxes and all sorts and their afternoon activity was to create some new shiny shakers by pouring rice into tubes and then using them to dance to various pieces of music.

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