This week the Chimps have been getting festive, messy and creative making their Christmas bags ready for their mummy’s and daddy’s to take home. They have been making Christmas tree decorations by imprinting their handprints into salt dough and then making them sparkle by sprinkling them with glitter. They also made reindeer Christmas cards using crayons and Christmas templates in their mark making area. They have also been strengthening their legs and arms cruising around the indoor slide. They got messy with spaghetti to create curly Santa beards and sang 3 little ducks using props of floating rubber ducks in the water tray. They jiggled around and clapped and rang jingle bells to Christmassy music and generally had a happy festive week. Lovely.

The Howlers have been enjoying lots of dancing, singing and generally getting in to the Christmas spirit. They had enormous fun at their Christmas party and ‘most’ of them enjoyed meeting Father Christmas. They had a wonderful Christmas story read out by Lara’s mummy who we wish to thank very much. The Howlers have also been busy getting gifts for our parents ready including making 3D Christmas trees and ginger bread men. They cooked yummy Christmas treats for our mummies and daddies and practiced our mixing and adding skills. Our music and movement was very exciting this week we danced with bubbles and tried to pop as many as we could.

The Baboons have gone Christmas crazy with an action and sensory filled week. To help them get into the festive spirit they used the fragrant yummy scents of Christmas with pine tree spray on our Christmas boards, nutmeg and cinnamon moon sand and peppermint gloop. Speaking of gloop they made some fabulous ‘grinchy-goo’ pictures with sprinkles and googly eyes. Music and movement has been a blast as Santa needed the Baboons to help him find his beard and Rudolph lost his lovely red nose so they had a good search around the Baboon room in time to music. Santa’s elves also snuck in while they were sleeping and hid during the Christmas party, but they were all found out during their elf-searching game. We’ve also been talking lots and lots about our Christmas films, like why chipmunks are hiding in Mickey’s Christmas tree and how exactly do our toys get into Santa’s sack (they walk in according to popular Baboon opinion). The Baboons, like the Gorillas had a really amazing Christmas dance session with Clare, Kitty’s mummy. She did an amazing job – explained in the Gorilla section below.

So, as previously mentioned, this week Kitty’s mum very kindly came it to share a lovely Christmas ballet dance session with the Gorillas and Baboons. She had them pretending to be toy soldiers and Snowmen and fairies and it was just magical. The Gorillas were mesmerised and seeing Sean ballet dance was an image to behold. Thank you so much Clare if you are reading this you were GREAT! The Gorillas have been beside themselves with the excitement of Christmas and have been singing away all week and talking about everything and anything festive. They also got very messy creating lots of reindeer Christmas decorations out of salt dough. Inside their role play was a sleigh and presents etc. and in the garden the Gorillas made their own sleigh using empty trays and boxes, this was great fun as they really got immersed in Christmas role play.
All of the groups we are sure you will agree brought home some really special Christmas crafts that we hope you will treasure for years to come.

So there you go. Normal blogs every Friday will resume next week. Sorry for the delay on this one. Happy New Year to you all!!

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