Outdoor Chronicles

Outdoor Chronicles 7th May 2021

Kitchen Garden… Drop irrigation has gone in to the poly tunnels and will be ready to use just in time

Outdoor Chronicles 30th April 2021

Forest School The Foxes were so excited to go to Forest School. They checked with Leonora what tools they wanted

Outdoor Chronicles 1st April 2021

Beach School The Badgers went on their final Beach School session this week. The winds had delivered a lot of

Outdoor Chronicles 26th March 2021

Beach School The Badgers arrived at the beach determined to collect treasures to bring back to nursery. After snack, as

Outdoor Chronicles 12th March 2021

Beach School: The children were in great spirits as they walked down to the beach. ‘Let’s play with TT’ they

Outdoor Chronicles 5th March

Beach School – It was the first session at the beach For the Badgers and set off straight away to

Outdoor Chronicles 26th Feb

In the Nature Workshop this week the Badgers were super keen and excited to visit for the first real time,

Outdoor Chronicles 12th Feb 2021

This week has been all about tool work – wow they are getting so good at this! … The children

Outdoor Chronicles Week of 1st Feb

Beach School. The groups are getting really used to their Beach School sessions and really looking forward to them. Most

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