Outdoor Chronicles

Outdoor Chronicles 26th Feb

In the Nature Workshop this week the Badgers were super keen and excited to visit for the first real time,

Outdoor Chronicles 12th Feb 2021

This week has been all about tool work – wow they are getting so good at this! … The children

Outdoor Chronicles Week of 1st Feb

Beach School. The groups are getting really used to their Beach School sessions and really looking forward to them. Most

Outdoor Chronicles

Beach School Well our brilliant Fox Pre-schoolers have really got used to the rhythm of Beach School life. T.T. was

Outdoor Chronicles

The Forest School crew greeted their old familiar Grandma tree and she told them that storm had broken the Gruffalo’s

Weekly Nature Story

Wahaaaay Forest and Beach School has finally started! Leonora our long awaited newest nature guru has joined us, and for

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