Outdoor Chronicles

The Forest School crew greeted their old familiar Grandma tree and she told them that storm had broken the Gruffalo’s house at the weekend. She had been waiting to tell them the news. Oh no! What could they do to help him? Time for some sustained team thinking! They decided that he would love sticks for his new house so off they went collecting the best sticks. Only the very best for the Gruffalo. They also found some huge muddy puddles and used the sticks to do some fishing. They were rather brilliant puddles and the children got lost in this for a while. No rush.  Then the children decided they wanted to build a fire pit to toast some pretend marshmallows. What a fun time. Fresh air, nature, education and teamwork. Brilliant.



At Beach School the children found TT, our mascot, resting in a small rock pool as the tide was out. Just chilling can you believe? They were so excited to see her, and guess what, there was a message from her! She told them that her friends in the ocean needed their help too. They talked about the rubbish in the sea and what we could do to help and we all know how much Young Friends preschoolers know about that! Luckily they had brought their litter pickers with us so they could collect any rubbish we might find. They also decided to build her an even bigger rock pool house. Lucky TT – she is being looked after very well. The Beach School team spent the rest of the session mesmerized by the waves as the tide started to come in – because sometimes is good just to sit and take nature into the soul.

Up at the Kitchen Garden there is a lot of action and the children are as usual getting down, dirty and involved. They have been talking about all our new plans, which will start next week with planting the last of the tulips bulbs and cleaning out the pond for the new springtime frogs. Alex put in our new stove ready for a much warmer time. He has also enclosed the classroom and we will now set to work making it really cosy and welcoming for the children and team. Alex and I have been making exciting plans to transform and upgrade the plot with the help of staff and children ready for the growing season and this will be where we will narrate our next journey. We are hoping for a helping hand from some of our wonderful parents when the restrictions are lifted as the kitchen garden is a Young Friends family project! A new system will see one group per term and exciting ongoing projects for them. The first group is the Hedgehogs who will be coming up to work with myself and of course Alex and Lydia, our Hedgehog rep! Oh, there are lots of winter veg on the go and more potatoes, onions etc. are being put in but we will talk more about all that in subsequent weeks!



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