Outdoor Chronicles 26th March 2021

Beach School

The Badgers arrived at the beach determined to collect treasures to bring back to nursery. After snack, as they waited for their friends some of the children discovered the story seaglass pieces. Each picture led them all to tell a story and the children were very creative indeed.And just then the pirates in the stories they told, the Badgers went off to find their own treasure. Adn can you believe it, they found something spectacular. They found ‘Clam-I-am’ or rather, an oyster that was still intact. Leonora and the children discussed why it has two shells and what was inside. ‘Maybe the waves bring it to us.’ Exactly and how can we help it? By putting it back in the sea of course. So they sent the oyster back on its journey and said a big ‘Goodbye’. After some games with the parachute they all hid underneath the rainbow mushroom for a lovely Beach story.

Forest School
Forest School was filled with fun and games once again. The children discovered some colourful stones hidden in the trees. What could they be? The Hedgehogs used them to share stories with their friends. En route to Forest School, some of the group were lucky enough to spot a lovely brown bird, but we didn’t know what it was, so we all went over to the bird chart to match the picture to the description from K. The children learnt it was a Thrush and remembered the name to tell Libby.Then it was time for fun and games. A popular game was the screaming game (!) The challenge is to see how far you can run while letting out a scream. The Hedgehogs loved it. The session was rounded up with a parachute game which involved listening to the leader and following their instructions. It was amazing to see lots of skills being developed together.


Kitchen Garden:

Spring has definitely sprung in our kitchen garden! We have had the Foxes group up here this term and we’ve been busy indeed. We have planted nearly all of our veg seeds ready for the summer season we have also completed our new signs ready to go into our brand-new beds. We’ve planted out masses of onions and garlic. Throughout January and February we completed a big landscaping job at the kitchen garden which has allowed us to have much larger more easily accessible growing beds. This means our crop yields this year should be much larger than they have ever been before! Meaning all of that amazing yummy goodness will be going straight into the Young Friends children’s tummy’s! We are completely dedicated to being completely seed to plate straight from our kitchen garden to our children’s plates.  As it starts to warm up we also like to invite some parents up here to give us a hand so if you are a parent reading this keep an eye out for updates and a list of upcoming jobs and anything you feel you may be able to help me with.

That’s it for this week! Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the outdoors education we’ve been getting up to x


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