Outdoor Chronicles 12th Feb 2021

This week has been all about tool work – wow they are getting so good at this! …

The children have learnt woodworking skills alongside all their outdoor sessions. They have hammered charcoal and observed how it makes everything darker too.  With the cold weather this week, they have been able to explore the ice in the garden. We all know how fascinated children are about ice but we obviously have gone much further with this.  How to get inside the ice? “Let’s smash it!” AR said – so of course we got the hammers out. The children understand tool safety already and know how important it is to wear goggles and gloves when using the hammer.

As well as breaking the ice, we even made some too – in the form of ice decorations! We collected treasures from the garden and after much discussion we waited for them to freeze and hung them on the trees. They were beautiful.

The children have also been drilling holes in medallions too for their eco warrior necklaces which we are sure they will be wearing with pride whilst doing all their very important sustainable jobs.

At the kitchen garden Alex has been digging and digging and digging and he’s done an amazing job. The ground is really frosty and hard now so its no mean feat. This weekend we have enlisted the help of Karl our trusty maintenance guy who will be finishing our pathways so the children can get up there and get on with their projects after half term. We can’t wait because there is lots to do!


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