May 2018 Summer Summer Summertime (sit back and unwind)

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The highlight of this month has got to the THE wedding.  The nursery was a flurry of activity as preparations were made for the Garden Party.  And what a fabulous party it was too.  Alex in the preschool took the bull by the horns and the garden looked magnificent with balloons, paperchains – the works!  Everyone looked fantastic in their wedding guest clothes.  The children enjoyed having their photos taken in the special photo booth. The children danced, apple bobbed and generally had a lovely time in the sunshine.  Of course, a sumptuous feast was also part of the celebrations.  The Argus covered the event and some fabulous pictures appeared in the paper the next day. Remember you can still look at the rest of the photos on the Argus website – you may even want to buy one of your child they are amazing and definitely worth a look.

We celebrated Arts Week this month with the children being introduced to the works of many famous artists including Monet, Mondrian, Warhol , Munch and Van Gogh.  Whilst out and about, the Gorillas discovered some ‘art in a bottle’.  As part of the Brighton Festival, dotted around Brighton are artworks in bottles!  Never wishing to miss an opportunity, the Gorillas staff decided to join.  So, your child’s artwork maybe out there somewhere in the City – in a bottle!

Down on the allotment, there has been lots of planting going on.  The children have planted the seeds balls they made in March.  They’ve also planted many other fruits and flowers including wildflowers, tomatoes and beans.  No doubt they will be consuming them back here at nursery in the fullness of time. The fences have also been painted – its looking beautiful up there. In fact people from around the different plots often hear of ours and come to take a look.

Although wedding fever has dominated the month of May, other activities included:

Gibbon’s Activities

  • investigating gloop!
  • decorating paper wedding cakes and crowns
  • making scones
  • making mosaics based on prehistoric cave paintings
  • colourful bubble wrap in splashy water
  • making Ramadan lanterns

Baboon’s Activities

  • matching emotions to their corresponding sound
  • writing and decorating wedding invitations
  • taking about which family member they would invite to their wedding
  • using wooden templates to practice writing their names
  • measuring ingredients for and making a Victoria sponge cake
  • creating their own Van Gogh’s Sunflowers artwork using seeds and fabric petals
  • talking about what plants need to grow
  • designing and creating a paper wedding dress using fabric and scissors.

Gorilla’s Activities

  • listening to a story about disability
  • Indian /Bollywood dancing
  • making a potato man
  • comparing the numerosity of objects
  • searching for minibeasts
  • sorting 3-d shapes
  • chopping vegetables
  • exploring the exciting world of colour mixing by trying to make the colour of the flowers on the table
  • ballroom dancing
  • counting crowns
  • writing Royal invitations
  • weddings around the world video
  • making party food
  • making patterns using colourful stones and rice
  • making rhubarb crumble
  • experimenting with different ways of moving
  • talking about going to school
  • playing instruments
  • looking at prehistoric art and creating their own pictures
  • playing tennis and volleyball
  • creating their own artwork inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers


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