March 2018. Mums, Jobs and A Scarecrow


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To kick off, we celebrated World Book Day by everyone, including staff, dressing as their favourite character.  We had the Lion from Dear Zoo, a Mad Hatter, several Harry Potters (of course), ea plethora of princesses and action heroes and more.

Of course, we couldn’t let Mother’s Day go by unmarked, so we invited Mums in to join us and their child for breakfast croissants and bacon butties.  The Mums certainly enjoyed the chance to relax, eat and chat before starting their busy days.  Dads – your chance will come.  The children have all been busy making you Mums lovely cards and presents which we’re sure you will treasure.

During the final week of March we had “When I Grow Up……..” Week and invited parents to come in and talk to the children about their jobs.  We welcomed a heart doctor, a pilot, a dentist, a retail expert, a children’s entertainer, a police officer and opera singers.  Amazing. Thank you to all of you who offered your time and expertise, the children really benefit from this type of first hand experience.  So, if your child decides that they want to do one of these jobs when they grow up – you’ll know why!

Up at the allotment, the children have been busy doing a variety of jobs and activities including digging up carrots, making a rain gauge, making journey sticks and magic potions.  They have been digging for worms and going on a minibeast hunt. They have been using a colour wheel to find things of assorted colours around the plot.  Out in all that fresh air, they still found time to do phonics with Alex and Nish – and build a scarecrow.  They also made a mini wormery, made growing creatures, decorated the den with ribbon, leapt over an obstacle course, decorated their hair growing creatures. They have been looking at seeds and creating the conditions to allow them to germinate.  They made seed balls, ‘fed’ the scarecrow more straw, harvested brussel sprouts and weeded the carrot bed.  They planted sweet peas, cabbage, kale and cauliflower. Phew!


The Gibbons have been:

  • gluing and sticking for St Patrick’s Day
  • making pita bread pizzas and vegetable muffins
  • decorating styrofoam and paper eggs for a display
  • experimenting with squeezy bottles containing oil and milk and observing what happens when the two liquids meet.
  • creating an artwork by rolling marbles in a tray of paint – Jackson Pollack stylie!
  • playing with the Old MacDonald small world farmhouse, making animal noises and recognising the animals.
  • recognising animal sounds from the animal CD, dancing with sensory balloons (filled with beans, rice etc.)
  • enjoyed using the caterpillar song basket identifying items from the song such as leaves, cocoon and butterfly.
  • story bags – The Gruffalo, Goldilocks and The Hungary Caterpillar.
  • making marble runs with pipes and guttering
  • cutting and cooking herbs in the kitchen area.

The Baboons have been:

  • making paper daffodils
  • making gingerbread bunnies
  • talking about what flowers need to grow
  • good old playdough!
  • making daisy chains
  • Easter egg hunting
  • singing number songs
  • scaling an obstacle course
  • playing with the farm
  • using shape sorters
  • learning to throw a ball over and underarm
  • making carrot and orange Easter juice
  • learning to recognise their own possessions
  • using blocks and playdough ‘cement’ to build a structure
  • bubble wrap printing
  • jumping into hoops
  • potato printing Easter eggs
  • enjoying lots of stories
  • making paper plate animals and sunflowers using scissors
  • Irish dancing with ribbons
  • shape recognition
  • making a bird’s nest collage

The Gorillas have been:

  • practising writing their names
  • learning some phonics
  • talking about germs and bacteria
  • leaf painting
  • investigating weights and measures using scales
  • number matching
  • recognising letters on aliens
  • listening to stories about space
  • watching a video about recycling
  • investigating how primary colours can be used to make secondary colours using jars of diluted paint and wipes
  • playing with the smallworld farm
  • making and scaling an obstacle course in the garden
  • pretending to build a house
  • talking about their feelings and learning the words to use to express them
  • good old playdough!
  • using pipettes, straws and paint to create funky patterns
  • learning about the seasons


What a busy month. April won’t be any different we are sure so watch this space…





















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