The growing patch

Young Friends Kindergarten Growing patch

We have developed a beautiful ‘growing patch’ at the front of Young Friends Kindergarten, where our children can learn rudimentary growing skills, planting, weeding and watering.

Kitchen garden

Young Friends Kindergarten Kitchen Garden

With sustainability for our environment, Young Friends Kindergarten involve the children in growing, preparing and composting the plant-based menu that we provide.

Woodland garden

Woodland Garden

At Young Friends Kindergarten, we’re really proud of our private woodland garden. It’s a sanctuary of inspiration, imagination and wellbeing full of wildlife, plants and trees.

Nature workshop

Young Friends Nature workshop

The Young Friends Kindergarten Nature workshop offers the children a place to explore their creativity through art and making things, using real tools made to suit little hands.

Nature kindergarten

Nature Kindergarten

Nature Kindergarten describes the extra ‘Young Friends Twist’ that gets added to everything we do. It might be on the beach, in a forest, in our woodland garden or in the workshop.

Kindergarten pods

Kindergarten pods

Young Friends Kindergarten have two kindergarten pods, one for birth to two year olds and one for two years to school age. Both pods provide spacious play and learning spaces.