Risk Benefit

Risk Benefit

At Young Friends we provide a safe environment and encouragement for your child to push boundaries and explore their environment.


Young Friends Kindergarten Schema Play

Young Friends Kindergarten is a ‘loose parts’ kindergarten with all the children’s activities based on an educational method called SchemaPlay™.

Characteristics of effective learning

Characteristics of effective learning

At Young Friends Kindergarten we are highly interested in how your child learns as opposed to what they learn. This individual drive will stay with them for life.

High-quality interactions

High Quality Interactions

Within their family group, our highly trained staff connect with children, interact with them, observe their interests, and link their learning to the exciting activities and experiences that we provide.

Key person system

Young Friends Kindergarten Key person

When your child joins us at Young Friends Kindergarten, you’ll be introduced to your ‘key person’ who will be in your child’s pod and will be your main point of contact all the while your child is with us.

Family groupings

Young Friends Kindergarten Woodland garden

When your child starts at Young Friends Kindergarten, they’ll join one of our ‘family groups’. We have two pods, one for under-twos and one for over-twos.

Family partnerships

Parent carer code of conduct

Young Friends Kindergarten is here to provide superb care and education for your child, and to do that we need to work alongside you.