This week our little Chimps have been rocking and bobbing and playing instruments whilst Amber and Carly sing their (the children’s, not theirs) favourite songs with them. They have also been making colourful spirals and sticking them to make 3D collages. They have been rolling and hiding and digging for different sized and coloured balls in sand and have been trying on all sorts of hats and playing with lots of different handbags in their role play area. Their new mirror has really enhanced their role play experiences and they have been enjoying looking at themselves and each other in different head gear. They have been getting out our large collection of heuristic play as well and practicing all those skills used in everyday life. They have been feeling all sorts of different textured materials in their feely box too.

Our lovely Howlers have been exploring rainbow cogs and wheels and how they work. They have also been continuing and adding to their office play. They have had the small world farm and animals and learning about how they walk, jump and move and the noises they make. They have been making some love pictures with black paper and coloured chalk and have been making their own instruments too. They have been sorting different Duplo into different coloured bowls too. Outside the Howlers have been practicing their ball skills by throwing and catching and kicking and rolling balls. They have also been playing copying actions at group time.

The Baboons have had the most fantastic pet shop in their role play area. They have had a wonderful aquarium with ‘Nemo’, starfish and much more. They have been buying different animals and learning how to look after them referring to price lists and pictures etc. They have had the marble run out all week and the team have been putting it together and showing them how it works. They have enjoyed it for small periods and enjoyed destroying it even more! They made recycled paper and then squidged and rolled it into moulded shapes to dry and decorate which they really enjoyed. They have also had the dolls house out each day with all its lovely new figures and furniture.

The Gorillas have been doing lots of phonic songs whilst holding up the letters so they really get to recognise what they are singing about. They have had a really detailed ‘home’ home corner where they have been making food, sitting and relaxing in the lounge, ironing and serving food to each other. They have been talking about all the things they could do at home to help the family e.g. tidying up the toys, helping to set the table, helping to wash and dry up etc. (no thanks needed haha!!). They have also been practicing all sorts of independence skills like how to put shoes and clothes on themselves. They have made some fabulous paper clocks with paper plates, paint, number stickers etc. and have been learning about reading what clocks say. In junk modelling they have been building with boxes, using cellotape and string to join them together. They have also been exploring different sounds and rhythms with our large musical instrument collection.

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