The lucky Young Friends children have made homemade ice-cream, created junk modelling vehicles, created giant fabric artwork, explored frozen ice balls and much much more this week. Here is a more detailed run down of each groups activities…

Collaborative Group Paintings

The Gorillas extended their Farm Shop role play this week with new fresh produce to sell, an improved shop section with laptops, notepads and clipboards and some snazzy new shopping lists. The Preschoolers absolutely loved their main activity of the week, which was a giant collaborative painting where the children chose their favourite colours and created some amazing shapes and patterns together on big pieces of fabric. That has also been so much going on around the room. They have been decorating shapes with scrunched up paper, jumping over objects and in and out of hoops and making their own rockets out of all sorts of materials. At group time there was a lovely circle game where the children talked about and describe past events and a relaxation music session with calming natural sounds.

Musical Bumps

The Baboons have been busy creating their very own cars out of junk modelling this week. They’ve been carefully selecting the junk items and have really enjoyed finding wheels, seats and decorating their vehicles. They then used these and the special nursery cars to drive through tunnels and over ramps in their small world area. Around the room there has been lots of fun forms to fill out in the mark making area and cloud dough and pipe cleaners for the children to make creatures. There was a very special music and movement session this week where the children played musical bumps and statues to all of their favourite songs and the lucky Baboons absolutely loved it! To top it all off, the 2 year olds continued their phonics with the ‘b’ sound and talked about farm vehicles at group time, watching clips of the various ones on the Ipad.

Pouring and Filling In the Garden

The Howlers made ice-cream this week. The children helped to pour and measure milk and shake it really hard in a bag with ice and ended up with a lovely healthy snack to enjoy. The activity around the main table was bubble wrap painting and the children really enjoyed popping the bubbles and making cool prints with their favourite colours. Elsewhere around the room, the Howlers were busy digging for buried keys in their sand tray, matching coloured teddies to beads on the abacus’s and using their song bags to choose the best songs at group time. The little ones also found time to practice their filling and pouring in the garden with buckets and jugs of water.

Baby Yoga Sessions

The Chimps had their very own seaside resort this week, complete with an amazing ice-cream stand. There was sand, water, sea life the children loved exploring it. For the stand, the Chimps stuck cotton wool into cones and bought them from the ice-cream seller, carrying them around the room. Around the room, there were frozen ice balls to explore, their feely box, vehicles in the sand and a small world town. The Chimp also made coin rubbings with crayons and did some lovely stretchy baby yoga sessions to chill out music.

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