The week of March 11th was Eco Week and Red Nose Day. It was super busy and full of activities for both. The whole nursery came together and we have raised £110.60 through selling cakes and red noses and raised awareness of .

What did the Chimps get up to?
The Chimps partook in the natural vibe of the week by playing with compost and pots and driftwood. They practiced squishing and squashing and shaping innovative malleable toys made out of soil inside tights! They also painted objects to make into recycled mobiles and dressed up as minibeasts i.e. ladybirds with antennae and butterflies etc.

What did the Howlers get up to?
The Howlers were busy making robots out of recycled bits and bobs and they looked fantastic! They carryied on their ‘waste not want not’ theme by making puppets out of old socks and loved playing with them. They filled, poured and emptied containers with dry rice and made lots of lovely noise with their musical instruments whilst singing and clapping. Instigated by eco week they also talked about recycling their paper and turning off lights and taps too.

What did the Baboons get up to?
The Baboons did their bit for the environment this week by making up all sorts of games involving, well basically rubbish! They made up a strangely successful game where they scrunched up lots of bits of old paper into balls and got into teams and threw them at eachother for a minute then counted the team with the most. They checked lights and doors and taps and learnt lots of things about their colour of the week – green (of course). They were also busy making all sorts of monsters and crazy things out of recycled stuff (junk modelling).

What did the Gorillas get up to?
The Gorillas were very busy making toys to play with out of recycled materials. They made a big truck, elephants, space ships, animals and aeroplanes. They made their very own paper and used it to create some wonderful artwork. The Preschoolers are always amazing at making sure they recyle and energy save and they recieved special eco stickers each time they helped out with eco-friendly process.