This week the cheeky chimps have been celebrating a few 1st birthdays on our first week back.f We’ve been getting creative rolling balls in paint and printing shapes with potatoes. The chimps have also been exploring natural objects and have been making a racket shaking rattles and bells! They got all wet squeezing water out of sponges and they’ve been stacking blocks and feeling the different textures of our materiel books.

After a lovely time off the Howlers this week have been really enjoying painting with different materials such as coffee. They have loved feeling different textures and experiencing several smells. They have also been touching and feeling our new sensory shape board and have been improving on their shape names. The Howlers were given a massive box to explore which was very exciting! They made it in to a house and loved having a cosy picnic inside with all their friends. They have had the slide back this week and have been learning new ways to go down the slide, going down on their bellies is a favourite! Stacking cups have also been a favourite this week, they are all becoming amazing stackers.

It’s our first full week back but the party continues in the Baboon room. They have been making jewellery this week with pasta and been painting and threading them into necklaces. In the role play area they’ve been weighing and selling real fruit and vegetables (enjoying a few cheeky bites throughout the week). Sticking with the fruit and veg theme, they’ve been talking about healthy and unhealthy foods. The outside room is in full swing and they have been building with marshmallows and straws (we hardly ate any, we promise) And mark making in the flour tray. They got a special surprise with a very large box that they turned into a teddy bear cave, although they kicked them out for some rolling around time.

The gorillas this week have been talking about their xmas holiday and told the grownups all about their xmas presents! We’ve also been talking about the new year now that we have started a new month. We’ve been making clocks, trying to recognise some numbers and placing them in the correct order on our clocks. They had a library in our role play this week and the children enjoyed looking at different book and learning how to look after them. They have also been dancing around to some funny music and playing musical statues (which we are amazing at!) They have been practicing caring for babies by washing them in their water tray and trying to dress them in their favourite outfits.

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