Week Beginning 19th March 2017

Apples and pears and all types of delicious fruit pictures were cut up and stuck to make fruit collages in the Gibbons room. The Gibbons talked about the different yummy fruits and their colleges were very colourful! From cutting out pictures of fruit to making frozen yogurt with cut up fruit and raisons for pudding. The Gibbons cut bananas and pears and put it in their frozen yogurt along with raisins then froze them and spread honey on top – mmmmm. They loved it.  In the Reggio Emilia area they had sticks, reels and ribbons to make different patterns on the floor. They also practised twisting and twirling the ribbon. They played with water and washed the different animals just like they would if they are working in a zoo or on a farm. They practised the different animal noises and copied the Gibbon adults in their actions and noises. The Gibbons got creative using glue and hearts and stars to make what we hope you agree were beautiful mother’s day cards for all you mums. We hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day!

We have a mix of weather this week from sun to rain – typical English weather we know you will agree – but that didn’t stop your cheeky Baboons going up to the park to play sports with Nadeem. He set activities for the Baboons where they matched the balls to the different cones when given and array of signals. The Baboons jumped, skipped, jogged and walked when given the command. In the Small World area they set up their own beach using natural and blue sand, stones and shells to recreate their own private beach. They talked about the different animals you might find there on land and in the water. In the Reggio Emilia area the Baboons made natural collages using leaves, flowers, sticks and glue all collected from our garden. From happy emotions and sad feelings, the Baboons talked about the different characters in the ‘Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Goldilocks’ stories and how they think they must feel in the book. The Baboons made some fantastic bird feeders this week using seeds, raisons and melted suet for our garden and are very excited to see what different types of birds come to visit – birds please come!

Time is ticking in the Gorilla room as they have been looking at different clocks and all the shapes, forms and colours clocks come in. The Gorillas were learning to tell the time and talking about what happens at different times of the day like home time and lunch time and bed time. In Small World in the Gorilla Room, they have been learning the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ – a bit of a running nursery theme this week! The children were re-enacting the story and talking about the different size objects you can find in the room and then extended this to talk about objects and structures from around the world. In the Reggio Emilia area they have been making their own picture frames using natural objects like lollipop sticks, shells, leaves and petals. The Gorillas have been doing excellently this week writing their own names and now they are even learning to write their families names. We hope you loved your ‘made with love’ Mother’s Day cards that the Gorillas made for you so very loved mums – as you will have seen by now the children exercised their creative streaks by using straws and paint to blow bubbles onto cards of their favourite colours. 

Don’t forget the play is next weekend so please remember to buy your tickets – your children have been really focusing on it and are so excited to be showing you all they have done but we can’t go over the allowed numbers for the church. There are just a few left so if you haven’t bought them already please do – it’ll be really special.

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