Well the whole nursery has been getting sporty this week doing all sorts of things from circuits classes to javelin. Our Chimps have not been the exception to the rule. They have been looking at lots of pictures of people doing different sports to inspire their little minds. They have also been playing with bats and balls and rolling around on the hill and doing obstacle courses to practice using all their gross motor skills. They have been having lots of giggling fun on the rocking horses outside in the sunshine. They posted more letters into their post boxes and they had multicultural flags to wave around to music in the conservatory. The team helped them to make Japanese fans and decorate them and they used them to fan themselves to keep cool. Emilio’s mum brought in some lovely French and Italian baby story books for the team to read to the children and they really enjoyed listening to them and looking at the pictures. They made tasty pizzas and felt and tasted the ingredients and felt them as they placed them on the pizzas. They had all the shiny and reflective objects they could find out and they looked at themselves and each other and generally had an investigative sparkly time.

This week our Howlers looked at pictures of children doing and talked about sports from all over the world. They also made some ‘World Cup’ flags and spread the glue and put the colours and the shapes on themselves. They also had a very high brow activity where they looked at Kandinsky and Klee’s artwork and reproduced their work. They built with wooden blocks and they filled and emptied sand with different containers in the sand tray. They made some delicious vegan carrot cakes and they had the farm and horses and people and pretended to ride them about. They did some bowling and did a challenging obstacle course. They danced to world music and to celebrate July 4th they watched firework displays on the tablet. They looked at lots of pictures of children from around the world and talked about their clothes and their environments. They investigated a mixture of shaving foam and flour and hidden balls and they did some colour sorting with the coloured soft teddies. Annie’s mum came in and did some foam javelin throwing with the children and Ruby’s mum came in to do a circuits class!

The Baboons this week did a water relay with boats and they also did lots of building and colour sorting with wooden blocks. In their role play area they had a kitchen and they poured ingredients into saucepans, stirred and served dinner. They did some free drawing sessions with pencils and made some lovely patterns and pictures and they played with play dough combined with uncooked macaroni and spaghetti to create some wonderful structures. They did some ‘French Skipping’ and played some basketball and they made homemade corn dogs to celebrate July 4th, Independence Day. They played a little football game with dolls house people and marbles and made the little people kick the balls into the goals – brilliant. They made Chinese lanterns and flags and they looked at the globe and the world map talking about the different places. They did sports matching games in the book corner and made some lovely textured cloud dough which they really enjoyed rolling and patting and making into different shapes.

This week the Gorillas talked about different countries and the different places their families are from. They even remembered children that were from other countries that used to be in the Gorillas and the languages they spoke. Clever. They decorated different flags and talked about the different countries and the world cup and they made pretend fossils with clay and different implements. They did painting with salt and it looked really beautiful, like crystals. They role played with the collection of phones and practiced their letters as they made notes on their calls. They made glittery play dough and they read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Prince and The Frog’ stories. They practiced using stencils and rulers and they played with the dinosaurs and the tree house. They played Numicon snakes and ladders and they played direction games with traffic lights colours – stop on red, run on green and walk on orange. They did a few lovely calm and controlled yoga sessions and they made granola bars and talked about healthy eating.

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