23rd October 2017

The blog photos are now up, please look and have a lovely weekend.

Prefect Pretzels…

Mixing flour, yeast, baking soda and other important ingredients to make their delicious snack, the Gibbons helped make vegan pretzels. Watching the typical American treat rise in the oven the Gibbons were proud of their perfect pretzels. Turning their kitchen into a pastaria (were not sure it’s a thing, but the Gibbons have made it a thing) the children sorted and sold penne, spaghetti and twirling whirly pasta to each other at their pasta shop. Switching it up and changing the popular game of musical bumps to musical Square Islands. When the music stopped, the Gibbons had to find a different coloured square that was a various island in the middle of the ocean. Waiting patiently for the music to start and again and the excitement of when the music stopped, had the Gibbons laughing with each other and falling over.

Spiders and Monsters and all things Halloween…

Making big monster feet out of boxes and painting them green with huge big claws on, the Baboons stomped around with their monster feet getting their scarring noises and faces ready for Halloween next week. The Baboons also made spooky spiders, using paper plates and googley eyes and long spikey legs to scare away any visitors that came in to their room. Up in the music and movement room, the Baboons have dancing and singing to one of their songs ‘Sandy girl’. With a ring of children and one in the middle picking each other to dance with in the middle was great fun and the Baboons sang it again…and again…and AGAIN!! Earlier in the week, the Baboons went on their sports trip to the park where they used their amounts of and amount of energy they all have running up and down hills and racing to the correct colour cones using their memory in a series of games by Nadeem. Safe to say they definitely slept well after that day!

Sssh were at the library…

The Gorillas went on a trip to the library this week all choosing some books for themselves and some books especially for the Baboons and the Gibbons. The Gorillas chose lots of books about Halloween ad getting ideas for different scary and spooky characters they can dress up as on Halloween. Over at the4 allotment, the Nature kids have been spreading woodchip out on the different areas covering our plot. They talked about the smell of woodchip and how ‘hot’ it is. The Gorillas were impressed with their woodchip spreading skills and looking forward to next week for the next steps. You might of seen the Reggio Emilia area full of Halloween treats like pumpkins and spooky masks to decorate in the different natural resources. Mixing the different seeds and lentils to make ‘slime’ ready for Halloween. It might only be Halloween, but the Gorillas are getting ready for Christmas, writing their letters to Santa on envelopes ready to send off to the North Pole. Practising writing their name on the back, so Father Christmas knows who to give presents to this year the Gorillas couldn’t contain their excitement for the upcoming season.

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